Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alamin from Bangladesh is back with more sorry excuses

Previously, Alamin from Bangladesh admitted to be running a pyramid scheme, did not see anything wrong with it, and have NO reply to ANY of my rebuttals of his assertions claiming that TVI Express is good. Instead of reply with refutations of my explanations, he's back with MORE sorry excuses. Again, my comments will be in red and in brackets.

md. alamin wrote:
[How interesting, not using the Alamin46 ID any more...]
dear friend
[Hi there.]
one thing i forgot to remember u that tvi didn't said that warren buffet has owned this company .. they only said that a expert watch .. please go through the presentation deeply..
[They didn't? Let's pull up the screenshot:]

[While TVI Express didn't outright say so, they sure the heck implied it. Not to mention Warren Buffett is the THIRD richest person in the world!]
[ What's more, I have plenty of proof that PLENTY of TVI Express members wrote articles claiming that Warren Buffett (and Sir Richard Branson) owns or is involved in TVI Express. You really think they invented that lie by themselves? Here are some examples when someone ELSE used the SAME EXCUSE: ] 
again as u r not a member u don't have the members backoffice where the list of hotels are included ..
[ Do you know what a "shrinkwrapped contract" is? It's a form of fraud, where you open this package, where you found this contract inside that says "if you opened this package, you agree to everything in this contract." As you could not have examined the contract, and have a chance to opt out, without opening the package, one must accept the contract BEFORE having a chance to examine the contract. THAT IS ILLEGAL. ]

[ TVI Express, by hiding the actual list of hotels to be "members only", but telling members they can choose from thousands of hotels around the world, has an illegal shrinkwrapped contract. You cannot actually see the list until AFTER you join. Furthermore, the ONLY hotels they actually ANNOUNCED to be available for booking to redeem those 7-day 6-night trips? Less than a hundred, EVER.
Still don't see the relevance? Try this example:
A: TVI Express offers a free 7-day 6-night trips to 100,000 hotels worldwide when you join?
B: Which hotels? 
A: All the ones you would want to go to!
B: Come on, give me some names. 
A: Uh, the list is members only. 
B: So I have to join first THEN I can learn what hotels are available?
A: .... ]
[ Instead of proving TVI Express is legitimate, Alamin, you've actually proven that TVI Express committed fraud. Thanks for your help. ]
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