Saturday, September 10, 2011

Indonesia TVI Express Supporter Avoided the News, and Made a Fool of Himself

Yesterday, a comment, "YesIndo" posted the following comment on my Hubpages Hub
yesindo 29 hours ago
Honestly, I do not really know the TVI Express situation in other countries.
However, TVI Express in Indonesia is booming and even got International Good Company award from Coordinating Minister of People Welfare & also from Minister of Culture & Tourism of Republic Indonesia. This event published in an Indonesian monthly magazine "Global Invest" 7th edition. You should buy it so you can probably waste another time to make good insult of it.
It is also mentioned in the magazine that TVI Express listed legally and already have license from Indonesian Govenment.
This is a proof that your comment about legal issue in Indonesia do not updated or maybe you have not done your researches well enough. This make me think twice about your other comments. Are they all true or maybe just 10% true? Can we call kschang a scam too?.. by making wrong comment regarding TVI Express legal issue in Indonesia ...
As YesIndo simply accepted the award at its value, it's clear that he wasn't aware of the fact that Indonesian newspaper consider the award to be scam, as one only needs to pay to "win". The award itself is worthless, as it was explained clearly on this very blog (and on Kaskus forum) 
There's no doubt that the award ceremony took place. However, simple investigation would tell you that nobody CARES about this award, as it's a common scam to issue such awards and earn "processing fees" around the world. In Botswana they have such a thing as "Bizz Awards" that local companies can "win"... by contributing a significant sum of money. When Botswana TVI Express proponents tried to claim legitimacy of this award on a radio show, I sent a link to the radio show's host, and he's the one who saw the similarity to his local scam.

As for "license from Indonesia government", that was REVOKED on August 3rd, 2011.

Thus, I updated my information quite correctly, and it is YesIndo who did not update his information properly.

And he thought he was correcting me, hah! People are getting ARRESTED for being in TVI Express in Indonesia! Get that through your thick head, YesIndo! Before it's too late!

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