Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Pacific Royale announcement? Hah!

TVI Express morons are treating the appearance of "Pacific Royal Airways" on Facebook as another "proof" that the airline is legitimate, and it is owned by TVI Express. Here's one sample post:

Gladius 3 days ago
Finally, TVI Express's Pacific Royale Airways is set to fly soon. Congratulations!!!!
FLY WITH US.... you may now "LIKE" and share this official Fan page of Pacific Royal Airways..
Go to this link and LIKE , then SHARE... LET's GO!!!

So what's wrong with this picture?

First of all, there is ZERO PROOF that Tarun Trikha or TVI Express is involved in this airline. The ONLY thing that came close? There's a post in TempoInteractiv (Indonesia newspaper) that says one of the Indonesia owners is Gunarni Gunawan, and there's an Indian investor called Mr. T. TVI Express followers IMMEDIATELY claimed this is Goernani Goenawan, president of PT TVI Express Indonesia, and Mr. T *must* be Tarun Trikha, without further confirmation or proof.

Tarun Trikha, of course, fed the rumor from his Twitter account seeking "suggestions for new slogan". He never said he owned it, just that he wants your suggestions. However, given that 1) PT TVI Express Indonesia no longer has a business license (revoked August 3, 2011 by BKPM), 2) and owning a part share in an airline (which has yet to purchase a single plane) would require a HUGE bankroll, does 3) noted liar Goernani Goenawan, who had previously claimed that TVI Express is NOT MLM despite TVI Express website stating so, actually own a piece of this upcoming airline? If you actually think so, I have some beachfront property in Arizona that you may be interested in...

Second, the website that they claim to be at? If you go to the Facebook page, it says they are at It was started on 10-SEP-2011. There is no other info, and thus, NO proof that this is actually the company that started this Facebook ID.

If you actually go to the website, you get:

That doesn't say much about the company, does it?

If you check who owns you'll find that "private registration" was turned on, there is NO ownership info visible. Clearly, they do NOT want people to know who actually owns this domain. However, we can take a reasonable guess...

If you do reverse IP search on, you'll find that it's hosted on the same server as TVI Express website:

 Some of these domains have hidden reg, some don't. And guess who owns V2 Global / Tarun Trikha.

And the registrar, NameCheap? Tarun Trikha subscribes to their feed. Says so on his own Twitter page.

Further note: NameCheap is in the US, and the server is physically in... Ukraine.

Thus, and the Facebook profile is just a smokescreen started by Tarun Trikha. 

And one last item Tarun Trikha fans fail to realize... that airline is NOT getting off the ground any time soon. They obviously don't keep up with the news, since the Indonesia Transportation Ministry have NOT approved the business plan of the airline as of 8-SEP-2011. The airline originally planned to start flying in November, but that is unlikely to happen. Try 2012 instead.

And even when it DOES fly, there is STILL NO LINK between it and Tarun Trikha other than what Tarun Trikha manufactured.
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