Saturday, January 4, 2014

YEAR END RECAP: TVI Express mentioned twice as examples of scam

No recent news of TVI Express developments... Just two mentions as scams:

...Now such lottery is no more in Imphal. Later, online tricks such as TVI Express, Unipay, Visarev, Jinex International, Forex achievements and a lot more scams led many to desperation. Now comes the Housie mania.

Scams like:
* Aryarup/ATCR , SpeakAsia , Unipay2u, Stock Guru, TVI Express contribute a small percentage to the total turnover of scams which goes as high as Rs 10,000 crores per year .

Monday, September 23, 2013

Central Railway Swept TVI Express Scandarl Under the Carpet, TOI reported

Times of India has reported almost a year ago that some officials in India Central Railway had abused their position to coerce their underlings into joined TVI Express, thus they can profit. And they also invented charges to cause an audit of those people who did not cooperate, further proving their abuse. On 15-SEP-2013 Times of India, who obtain inquiry report made by ICR through RTI, found that ICR has systematically whitewashed the scandal, by giving the perps slap on the wrist (minor penalties) and maybe transfer them to another station (which in some cases is considered a promotion).

A separate inquiry by the Vigilance Commission to investigate corruption in India is still ongoing.
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TVI Express Scammers in Russian invokes KGB to Recruit

According to news out of Belarus (next to Russia), scammers over there, apparently unaware that Tarun Trikha had been arrested in India and the scam is pretty much over, had been recruiting people and claiming to have KGB connections.

For those who are not aware, KGB was the USSR intelligence agency. Think of it as FBI, CIA, NSA, AND the Nazi Gestapo combined into one and it would not be far off. It of course, no longer exist, after fall of communism, but its various officers, now in civilian life, are rumored to have maintained their network and worked their way up the Russian mafia food chain.

The "local" leader of TVI Express, Vladimir Pygidium, currently operates TVI Express branch out of Belarus.

In a different news, TVI Express has been called "Travel MMM" by locals of Belarus. MMM, or Mavrodi Money Machine, is an infamous pyramid scheme by Mr. Mavrodi that destroyed many fortunes in Russia.

No charges have been filed against the local TVI Express perps as of the article, dated 30-AUG-2013.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: South African TVI Express "Kingpin" Arrested

According to South African news, Hadebe, formerly the top South African "distributor" of TVI Express international pyramid scheme since 2009, was formally arrested on July 9th (Tuesday) along with her associates, and charged with THOUSANDS of counts of violating national banking laws, fraud laws, and other offences, taking at least 86 million rand.

Hadebe's assets were already sized by court order in 2012, including her luxury cards like Jaguar and Mercedes. She put up a big legal fight, but her last appeal was refused in March 2013.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TVI Express affiliates arrested in Egypt

Report from Egypt Daily News shows that 3 TVI Express affiliates have been arrested. An investigator from the fraud unit told 4 affiliates at a meeting to follow him to the police station. Two were released, and two were detained. When another rep (apparently an upline) went to police station to secure the two's release, he too was detained.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Egypt Outlawed 8 scams, including TVI Express

Better late than never, but the "new" regime of Egypt have just outlawed 8 scam companies, including TVI Express.

Following is from Google Translate:
The number of participants in the company's eighth "Tvi express" to about 98 954, and the number of defendants المضبوطين 3 members, and subscription fee of $ 250, and the return of $ 500 for every 7 new people, and the value of amounts collected $ 24.7 million, and free Minutes No. 7741 for the year 2013 cover of Dokk
While the auto translation is atrocious, the meaning is obvious... TVI Express is a scam, and it's outlawed in Egypt.

This blog was one of the first to note that TVI Express is illegal based on common interpretation of Shariah law, and indeed Ulama Council of Ache, Indonesia was one of the first to outlaw it.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Indian CVC Will Investigate TVI Express Corruption in Indian Central Railways

India Against Corruption
India Against Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
According to Times of India report (through BehindMLM), after months of prodding and inaction by Indian Central Railways, the corruption case regarding their officers will be handed over the the central agency, known as "Central Vigilance Commission", with the purpose of investigating all government-related corruption in India.

The case stemmed from several articles in Times of India, where officials in Indian Central Railways was alleged to have abused their power of management to force subordinates into joining TVI Express pyramid scheme, and punish those who do not and/or made complaints about such. It has been over seven months since the first report was published in Times of India, yet no action had been taken other than to transfer the accused managers to a different station.

With Tarun Trikha previously arrested, there may yet to hope.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

OLD NEWS: Philippines banned TVI Express back in March 2013?

According to ABS-CBN, the Filipino SEC has declared TVI Express Holidays Philippines to be a pyramid scheme back in March.

SEC warns of new pyramiding scams

Posted at 03/12/2013 5:37 PM | Updated as of 03/13/2013 9:15 AM
MANILA, Philippines - Fresh from the disastrous results of the Aman Futures scam, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again issued an advisory to consumers in Davao and Surigao of two separate potential investment fraud.
SEC chairperson Teresita Herbosa identified these two potential scams as Connectacons Inc. and TVI Express Holidays Phils.
The target company in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur has reportedly been encouraging teachers to invest P16,800 with a promise to "double the money" within 6 months and to get $10,000 for another 6 months.
According to the SEC advisory, those who invested have not received the promised amount and even return of their investment despite repeated demands.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Tarun Trikha's entire family will be investigated for conspiracy fraud

According to Daily Mail / India, Indian police will be looking into the roles of Tarun Trikhas entire family as his father, brother, and sister are also "directors" in his scam enterprise "TVI Express".

Tarun Trikha, arrested for allegedly duping thousands of investors through his online pyramidal venture TVI Express, had apparently involved his family in the business.Documents available with Mail Today show, that members of his family, including his father Vinay Kumar Trikha, brother Varun and sister Shikha, were among the directors in the company. Sources say the role of the entire family is being probed in the fraud, and all their investments are under scanner.

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CONFIRMED FOR SURE: Tarun Trikha Arrested in India

A reputable source, Daily Mail, has reported the arrested of Tarun Trikha in India.