Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bangladeshi TVI Express Rep confess to pyramid scheme in public

Following comment appeared in my hub, and my reply will be highlighted in RED. Apparently, this Alamin guy joined Hubpages just to post comments on my hub (3 hours ago, which is just before midnight here on Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

Hi, I am alamin . a member of tvi express .I am from Bangladesh.
I have joined here 17 dec 2010 & have become international diamond & being president .so far Company is giving all the money in right time . 
Good for you. Many other people can't say the same about getting paid. 
i see u have passed a lots of time in proving tvi scam .
Since end of 2009
After reading ur hub i want to know if u r too much sure about tvi scam then why u r not coming in day light . 
Because, again, my identity is not relevant to the issue. My information and analysis stands on their own. I am not using my reputation and expertise to justify my position. 
u r only supplying true information about being scam of tvi .. but u answer me if u r trying to make people careful about tvi then u need to clearify u first . 
Why should I clarify "myself" in order to make people more careful about TVI? What does it add to the argument? 
tvi has launched in 2009& still continuing . 
And this is relevant how? Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme lasted over a decade. Age means nothing. 
it's true that they didn't keep promise in due time but keep though in late . thinkn about opening office in phillipines + south africa .. now they are saying they will open office here (bangladesh ) since feb 2011. & till now they r saying . but they will open in upcoming 2 or 3 weeks . because their work is slow. that does not mean they will not open .. 
I never did say they won't open their office in Bangladesh. I said they would be STUPID to open an office in South Africa after local government already declared it ILLEGAL back in December 2010! Thus either the announcement is bogus, or TVI Express is completely out of touch with reality. Which is more likely?  
as per as other mlm companies in bangladesh did not offer a good compensation plan like tvi ... 
And why is this relevant? 
and as i have said i have broken 8 Eb Boards of my own By only referring 516 people by all team members ....the money i have got from Tvi totally changed my life .though its a pyramid scheme but it has been divided by 7 people so its easy . 
So you admit to participating in a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, and it changed your life. Congratulations, your confession to being a criminal is now public.  
& i also want to say that a lots of members of my team has gone to a lots of hotel & enjoy their hotel packages by giving only the Vat ..
So your people did NOT pay the extra $150USD as per announcement of TVI Express per June 2010? The announcement was very clear that you need to deposit additional funds into a separate 'redemption eWallet', and existing eWallet funds cannot be used. Perhaps TVI Express need to explain why it did not charge you when it says it should. Why ask me? I only quoted from TVI Express announcement. 
So tell me . if i can get all the promises things from Tvi then why sould u say it extra charges. 
Again, it was a TVI Express announcement dated June 2010. If it had been rescinded since, show me the announcement. Your "personal" experience counts somewhat, but unless you find me an official announcement per TVI Express that says "previously announced charges no longer applies" or something similar, I have to assume the charges still exist (or TVI Express is a liar). 
Furthermore, having some promises fulfilled does NOT make TVI Express any less of a pyramid scheme, which you already confessed to. 
a lots of points u have added in u r hub .... if i want to give all answer than it will take a lots of time .. yeah some points are true ,,,,,, but want to say that the sun itself has dark side that does not mean the whole sun is dark ....... 
You, Alamin, failed to recognize that 1) pyramid scheme is fraud, and thus illegal  2) you just confessed to it  3) having additional benefits does NOT excuse the fraud or somehow turn fraud into legitimate business.
Your entire message can be summed up in one sentence: yes, TVI Express is a fraud, but look at the bright side: I got a trip out of it, and so much cash that it changed my life! 
That's not a refutation, but a confession and plea for clemency. 
so friend hope that it will be taken friendly
I am friendly unless people are hostile toward me. Thus far, you have not yet insulted me outright. And your confession to a crime counts for a lot. 
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