Monday, September 26, 2011

More Desperate Filipino TVI Express Members Defending the Scam

Apparently Filipino TVI Express Members can't lie or invent ****, so they resort to "show your face!" and "you must be bitter / distressed" excuses, or "ad hominem" attacks. Here are more comments posted by such individuals (IP address traces to Philippines)

Defense by "Jane" is logically absurd, and that makes it extremely dangerous. Basically, her statement is that she doesn't CARE if it is a scam or not. She refused to examine the evidence at all, but instead, claim TVI Express helps people achieve financial freedom, and I am stopping a GOOD thing. It's known as "reality inversion", where white is black, and black is white. It usually happen in cults, and it is happening here. And her opposition to me is entirely based on that inverted reality instead of on any sort of logic or fact.

Think about it: If a murderer gave money to charity, does it make him any less guilty of murder? In a pyramid scheme, is it okay to allow the scheme to continue just because it improved the lives of a few people on top, while the rest lose their money? According to Jane's logic, it's YES to both answer.

That is just crazy talk.

Furthermore, it's circular logic. She started from the supposition: TVI Express is good, and all her argument is sourced from that. You can't use an unproven opinion / statement to prove something else. That's just bogus.

I've remarked before that people who believe in scams have lost like 20 IQ points. I meant that in jest, but I am starting to wonder if it's real.
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