Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some TVI Express Indonesia folks didn't get the memo

Apparently some folks in Majene Indonesia STILL thinks TVI Express is alive, and they can keep it alive with "community support" by claiming to be travel agents.

I don't read Indonesian, but Google Translate basically says that these folks claim they have been maligned by the press, it's all a misunderstanding, and they are travel agents reselling trips from TVI Express, and one of them just got a car.

This is clearly bull**** if you think about it a little bit.

* TVI Express website used to say "You don't have to sell anything." Now it says you do, but it doesn't tell you what you are supposed to sell. So what's getting sold?

* PT TVI Express Indonesia's business license has been REVOKED. So what are these folks doing business as?

* Is ANYBODY in TVI Express licensed to sell travel? I don't claim to know what's legal in Indonesia, but in most countries, you need to get a license to sell travel. As TVI Express is NO license to do ANY business in Indonesia, what are these folks doing?

* How did they get $$$$? What did they have to do to earn it? Is travel market in Indonesia that much to justify paying such bonuses? Or is it just a money game, recruit people to get paid? (There's no doubt TVI Express is an illegal pyramid scheme)

But they don't answer that sort of questions, do they?
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