Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Jane" from Philippines demonstrates her ignorance about the Internet and life in general

A certain "Jane" from Manila, Philippines posted multiple derogatory comments on my TVI Express scam busting hubs, exposing her own ignorance about scam, Internet, life, and all that.

On "TVI Express Exposed" hub, Jane declared:
this site is very much full of negative and unprofessional aura..are you a fagget or what?(you sound like one).plus,the ironic part is you criticize TVI but what i can see in your ads here are airfare,hotel accom.and travels..tsk tsk quiet disturbing and suspicious. if you'll not post my comments,plainly i could say that this site is bias and is very much manipulated by what your itching ears just want to see and hear..hhhmmnn.
Well, "Jane", if that is indeed your name...

"Negative and unprofessional aura"? Are you one of those psychics who believe in such stuff? No wonder you got taken in by scam!

"Fagget"? You can't even spell correctly. Can you learn how to use a spell checker? Name-calling is so lame.

My ads are presented by Google Ads and other ads who simply pick relevant ads based on keywords. I don't control them. Thus, "Jane" just demonstrated her TOTAL ignorance of how Internet ads work.

Then Jane also posted on a different hub, somewhat more civil... as that was posted first:

kschang, why are you doing this? what's your purpose/objective? or Did you have bad experiences with TVI? you seemed to be very well versed with all those information..
do you feel happy whenever you had stopped someone from joining to TVI? and in return,were you able to help anyone attain financial freedom? or even offered an alternative/option for those people who has no food on their tables..just earning enough from their hand to mouth consumption..
What can you say to those people who indeed enjoy the compensations they got from TVI? like they were able to buy their houses,cars and have gone to their dream family vacations...should they be put to jail for getting that reward from TVI,if they're indeed operating illegally?
Thanks and all the best to your endeavours!

Apparently the first thing any TVI Express members think of when they see criticism is "sour grapes". Yet, not a single refutation. The best "Jane" can do is "enjoy compensations they got from TVI Express", which is proof that it IS scam, as it was paid by all the OTHER people who joined. Yet she treats that as if it somehow DISPROVES all the facts laid out.

Then she pulls out the victim card: should participants in TVI Express be put in jail for promoting TVI Express if it is illegal? The answer is yes, and people HAVE BEEN PUT IN JAIL FOR DOING SO!

Every one of Jane's "points" are idiotic, stupid, and appeal to emotion instead of logic.
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