Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who is D Etheridge and why was he pushing TVI Express?

It appears that Demetrice Etheridge wants to teach Christian Entrepreneurs... to a bunch of scams.

He only ever calls himself D. Etheridge. Why? Because his first name, Demetrice, is a girl name. Really.

And there's his helpful picture in the background explaining why TVI Express is a pyramid scheme, thanks!

He included a helpful 877 (toll free) number for you to call (my picture got cut off, but here's a full one.

A search on Google for this number shows this guy pushes every scheme that's out there... LGN, Royal Cruise Matrix, plus various bleh tips like "how to use Twitter to find leads" or "how to push a website using Social media".

Right now he's pushing "TakFusion", and he's sponsoring people into this "Unviersity of Internet Science". He gets a cut of course.

But perhaps this is a more telling statistic... Pulling from the TagWalk Twitter inspector...

Last post about TVI Express.. 8 MONTHS ago, in December 2010.

This just conclusively proves that Pinnacle Expressed is a zombie spam blog.

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