Friday, September 23, 2011

Another TVI Express Shill can only cite TVI Express info to "debate" me

A Filipino TVI Express promoter who goes by name "Gladius" (and probably various other names, including "kschangscam", "Ann Verde", and "Abu Sayyef", as they all post from the same IP address or very close to it) tried to "debate" me on Hubpages by posting TVI Express propaganda. When I pointed out those are lies and half-truths, he got offended.

And guess what was Gladius' reply? Tarun Trikha posted it, so it must be true.

(The reply to Ann was in response to her remark that liars goes to hell. Except I'm not the one lying... )

Then Gladius responds by posting under an insulting handle. It's still him because the IP address is nearly the same. And he didn't deny it either. Furthermore, he confirms that all of his information came from Tarun Trikha, or TVI Express. There is NO third-party confirmation. Apparently the idea that Tarun Trikha may be a liar did not even enter his mind. He was completely brainwashed, as his comment proved:

See the assumption? He ASSUMED that the Facebook account for Pacific Royale Airways *must* be legit. But anybody can start anything online nowadays. There's bazillion impersonators, fake profiles, and whatnot out there. Until there's proof, you should not assume anything. Remember, "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". And "Gladius" have "assumed" a lot of things:

1) That Tarun Trikha speaks the truth (reality indicates otherwise)
2) That TVI Express speaks the truth (ditto)
3) TVI Express is legitimate (ditto)
4) Tarun Trikha owns Pacific Royale Airways (ditto)

Any proof that supported those four statements? Came from Tarun Trikha or TVI Express themselves. It's circular logic.

But wait, there's more. Then Gladius claims he didn't really prove anything!

So he did NOT insist that his post was the truth? Did he just admit he lied? And why is demanding that he provide evidence of what he posted "over-reacting"? "Gladius" is now posting gibberish as he has no proper comeback. And yes, it's still Gladius as it's virtually the same IP address. They all belong to the same ISP in the Philippines. Yet, he persists in posting even MORE gibberish, under yet ANOTHER name, but the SAME IP address as before:

This is basically a copy of TVI Express "announcement", and it's clearly bogus, because TVI Express was declared illegal scam by South African authorities back in 2010! So I posted the various links I have to actual South African News Articles. And "Gladius" abandoned the "Abu Sayyaf" alias and posted "continuation" under a different name, proving they are indeed the same person.

But "Gladius" or "Abu Sayyaf", which is probably his real name, claims that this announcement proves that TVI Express is LEGITIMATE! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Of course, I'll have to point out this bogusity...

I then posted a few more links to South Africa news detailing the TVI Express scam and the police investigations.

Most people would have realized they are losing and quit. However, "Gladius" here must be a masochist, because he desperately tries to find ANY sort of evidence to "support" his own side. His answer? A Facebook account allegedly belongs to "TVI Express South Africa". As if that proves ANYTHING!

I had earlier pointed out that if you actually believe every word TVI Express puts out (as I have pretty much conclusively proved that TVI Express posts bull**** based on the articles I linked to), the believers would have lost at least 20 IQ points. Gladius' response? Roughly "Double Dumb*** on you!"  That's really smart dude (sarcasm intended).

My evidence, newspaper articles, and publicly viewable links, AND TVI Express member behavior conclusively proves that TVI Express is a scam, and thus far NO TVI EXPRESS MEMBER HAS YET TO PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.

At the end, they are always reduced to name-calling, such as "why don't you show your face", "sour grapes", "envious", and so on.

And here's promise fulfilled: Gladius, this documented exchange of comments conclusively proves that you are stupid, supporting a scam, and can't argue worth ****.

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