Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is profile of Samudra Sukardi on LinkedIn a fake?

It is interesting that Samudra Sukardi, who had been named CEO of Pacific Royale Airways, appeared on LinkedIn not too long ago. Why is this important? TVI Express / Tarun Trikha is rumored to own this airline (but each of the alleged "proof" turned out to be a lie or exaggeration and misinterpretation)

This profile of Mr. Samudra Sukardi fits SEVERAL of the warning signs I previously identified as "fake profile".

1) Improperly capitalized name

2) Bad picture, in this case, right person, but MANIPULATED PICTURE. You can tell from the "halo" when you zoom the picture in, that the picture did NOT have a blue background before, but was "flood filled". What was being concealed?

3) No details on education, prior jobs, and so on. See for yourself.

Okay, there is ONE item, about "West Coast University". There is a West Coast University in Los Angeles, CA, but this item is probably copied from the Google Profile of Samudra Sukardi (which is properly spelled, BTW) but no picture. Also note that the Facebook profile is also properly spelled name.

Furthermore, Mr. Samudra Sukardi had worked extensively in the airline industry, as consultant, as head of IT for Garuda, as head of Riau Airlines, and almost got the director general job for Garuda. Somehow none of this was in his LinkedIn Profile.

This profile is very likely a fake created by Tarun Trikha and his V2 compadres. And guess who we found in the "also seen" box? Tarun Trikha and one other person at V2. Admiring their own work, no doubt.
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