Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Gladius" seem to be personally offended by my scambusting...

Wonder if he actually works for TVI Express, instead of just being a distributor?

After our previous encounter, he came back multiple times to spam the comments with more TVI Express announcements. Blah blah blah.

There's a bit longer about supposedly ATM cards and whatnot. So I denied it as spam,

 and he's really pissed off now because I won't let him be a TVI Express parrot. Apparently he enjoys doing so, and boasts about it.
Clearly, he wasn't aware that TVI Express had been promising these ATM cards ever since the company got started! It had NEVER materialized. Thus it is a THREE-YEAR LIE. if it comes true now, it'd STILL be a 3-year lie.

In a previous comment he called me "King of Cut and Paste", yet he had cut and paste far more than I did. I just paste URLs. He pastes entire articles. So he's the one who's cut and paste.

But does Gladius care? Nope. He haven't even seen the card yet, or used it, yet he's sure it'll "make me a liar" in a few months.
As this is just an insult, I denied it as spam as well.

Did I ever say TVI Express will NOT have an office in Philippines? I don't recall ever stating so.

Nor does the existence of such an office somehow make TVI Express scam legitimate. There was an office in Indonesia too. BKPM have yanked their license AND their foreign investment permit.

Thus, Gladius' misguided attempt at justification has gone nowhere.

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