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Hilarious: Filipino TVI Supporter tries to shoot down MLM lawyer's qualifications!

Folks, when an attorney says something's legal (or illegal), he is putting his reputation on the line. If he's wrong, he can be disbarred (lose his law license) depending on the severity of the mistake. His mistakes can be spread all over the internet nowadays, further damaging his reputation.

Thus, I had an article citing Mr. Gerald Nehra, one of the few attorneys in the US who specialize in MLMs (thus, automatically puts him among the top, yes?)   He previously worked for Amway as their head counsel for 9 years. The only other MLM attornies that readily comes to mind would be Grimes and Reese, and Kevin Thompson.

Any way, the article explains that under Mr. Gerald Nehra's explanation on what makes MLM legal, TVI Express is illegal as per US law.  The article had been published for well over a year, and nobody had tried to attack its validity. So I am very surprised today to find a comment on it.

frankcow10 9 hours ago
You seem to be an expert in twisting facts here and there to serve your purpose.
FACT is : Mr. Gerald Nehra is NOT A TOP MLM Attorney. He wouldn't claim it himself. Instead, his claim states that "He is one of a very few attorneys nationwide whose practice is devoted exclusively to direct selling and multi-level marketing issues."( A TOP MLM ATTORNEY.
No, not at all. Ronald J Riley, President and Founder of the Professional Investors Alliance ( called Gerald Nehra and his office a "one lawyer operations, with one assistant".
Ronald J Riley has this to say about your said "top MPM attorney" : "It seems we have another attorney from a small Michigan town who may be eking out a living sending cease and desist letters to anyone who dares to criticize his client's MLM business models." ( closing, I have two questions for you MR. Chang. One, If you have clean motives in your crusade against TVI Express -- something that you have been doing for the past 18 months at least -- why don't you reveal your true identity, address and contact number. And two, why all the hate against TVI Express that you will resort to twisting truths just to discredit the company? I am hoping for answers to this two questions.

Then I noticed the name: frankcow10.

I know a frankcow10... he posts various defenses of TVI Express, esp. on  He also goes by "frankcow10 caudillo" on the same place. However, his last post on that website was July 2011. The interesting thing is, he NEVER defends TVI Express by refuting the facts posted with his own facts or analysis. Instead, he always goes for attacking the credibility of the facts, even when the credibility is pretty much unassailable, such as a top MLM attorney! Also notice that he did not attack the analysis in article, only on Mr. Nehra's reputation, and his basis is that ONE comment!

I could dismiss this as an "ad hominem" attack, but out of curiosity, what is the SOURCE of the comment?

So I studied that issue, and did some research, and found out that Mr. Nehra had threatened to sue a few websites (run by MLM critics) that published unfavorable views of an MLM he is shepherding. The net folks did not like that and there was a surge of support for those sites fighting this "censorship", and this is one of those comments. It is hardly "neutral commentary".

Clearly, "Frankcow10" did no research.

Frankcow also revealed his true origins... His IP address traced to Makati City, Philippines, where TVI Express is busy recruiting more people. There is was even a "convention" last month with celebrities, dances, and even a sort of fashion show where they paraded "I heart TVI" bags (probably made in China for 49 cents) in 4 colors.

Given that Filipino law is similar to US law, and TVI Express already outlawed in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, what are the chances TVI Express will last long?

But it didn't have to last long. It just needs to last long enough for Frankcow and the rest of the fraudsters to get in early and get their $10000 USD.
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