Friday, November 25, 2011

Who is uploading old TVI Express video **** to Youtube from Indonesia?

Recently, a bunch of videos showed up on Youtube from Indonesia. Following screen shot was captured on 20-NOV-2011, only hours after the video's upload, as you can see.

Look at first video. Who is Edward Aritonang? He is the police chief of Central Java, Indonesia.  So why is TVI Express naming him? It turns out, TVI Express recruited him to lend itself credibility. They are using his picture and everything at local events.

However keep in mind that TVI Express was declared "haram" (unclean) by Islamic Council of Indonesia in 2010, and declared illegally operating, with its business permit revoked in August 2011.

So which Indonesian moron is uploading video about a DEAD company? Let's find out.

The Youtube Account gave no details other than the guy's in Indonesia, but then the videos are Indonesian.

Checking the accountname tviexpress4world revealed a website, which is a, which actually means it's a domain forwarder. It was forwarded to a wordpress blog called

So the guy's name is Wayan Merdika. What else can we find about him? (BTW, that card is a fake. TVI Express don't issue membership cards.)

His SWOM account is inactive.

His Twitter account is inactive (only twitted ONCE, EVER, back in June 2010)

His Facebook group had no wall updates for over a year. Though he did spam the Brazil group.

There's an address that matches the phone number he gave out above:

And another commentary where he offers up a certain property in Indonesia for sale (same phone number)

He apparently is also head of  "Balinese Carving Team" (same phone number again)

And finally, a decent picture!  Which seems to match the picture in the Youtube profile. Name matches, and location (Bali, Indonesia) also matches.

This basically proves that this guy has NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING, trying something, anything, everything.

This is the sort of people especially vulnerable to the TVI Express scam, but it doesn't explain what he was doing updating his Youtube channel with OLD video (those video first appeared on Youtube back in 2010) on a company that is no longer legal in Indonesia.

Why did you upload zombie videos, Mr. Wayan Merdika?
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