Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pacific Royale Airline? More Generic Clipart

Previously we have some diehard TVI Express supports claim that Tarun Trikha is a majority owner in Pacific Royale Airways that's being launched in Indonesia sometime in 2012.

However, repeated study of various sources in Indonesia cannot confirm any sort of link between TVI Express and/or Tarun Trikha with this new airline (which is real), at least, not through any information that was NOT provided by Tarun Trikha or TVI Express (or their supporters). The closest they can get is "Indian Investor Mr. T". 

Now that got a content update, it's clear that this website can't be legit if they can't be bothered to find picture of a REAL PLANE, but instead, is using some free vector art found on the Internet somewhere. See for yourself:

And the freebie:

Either this airline is so poor it must resort to free clipart to make its website (not sign of competence), or this is made by a bull****er. 

Which is more likely? 
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