Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some Egyptians are Deceived by TVI fake award again

According to Facebook, this TVI Express Egypt account is passing on that old BOGUS Award given to PT TVI Express Indonesia, the one that had its business license REVOKED back in August 2011.

As explained earlier, this award is bogus. It's called "International", but it's ONLY issued to Indonesian companies, and winners are solicited via random spam fax, and winners need to pay a large appearance fee to buy a table at the award banquet.

What's more, the winner, PT TVI Express Indonesia, lost their business license just a few months later when it was revealed they are operating under the wrong type of business license, and is under investigation by government as "money game" (i.e. pyramid scheme).

TVI Express Egypt, you don't want to end up like PT TVI Express Indonesia. Don't be stupid.
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