Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anti-TVI Express article is fine, but it's plagiarized from elsewhere

In almost three years of tracking TVI Express scam, I've read just about ANYTHING that has to do with TVI Express. Thus, I recognize many of the spam and posts, even if they went through a re-writer. This spam blog didn't even bother rewriting the article, but simply posted it under a different name, which is PLAGIARISM!

First the blog allegedly belongs to this Chris Guli, but the poster is a "Peter Simpson". As there is no other author, we're supposed to assume this "Peter Simpson" is the author, right?

Except, I found an article that is worded EXACTLY the same, by Alice Debricey,

Clearly, this Peter Simpson doesn't exist, and whoever's updating Chris Guli's blog is a plagiarist.

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