Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filipino TVI Express Member In Denial About Reality

8-ball pyramid scheme model.Image via WikipediaI went to my Hubpages account this morning, and found more reality denial from Philippines

alex of philippines wrote:
guys, tvi express is a legitimate mlm business here in the philippines. they have securities and exchange commission certificate, they have paid there tax at bureau of internal revenue, i personally meet the president, vice president of the company and i have seen there corporate office here in makati city, philippines. to all those people who are accusing tvi as scam business, mind you! there is no other way to change your life... only tvi can change your future.. i can tell you honestly that i have earned $10,600 in 4 months that is equivalent to P610,000. join tvi... for good.. God bless!
Problem 1) Having the proper business license and registration paperwork does NOT mean the business itself is operating legitimately. The two can be completely separate. ANY body can register a business and operate it as an illegal front for a scam. 
Yet scammers wants you to think one is equivalent to the other. Having the proper paperwork means the business cannot be a pyramid scheme, according to scammers. It doesn't work that way. 
Problem 2) So you mean a couple local stooges, who will likely NOT stick around if things go badly. Just look at what happened to SpeakAsia in India... two of the top heads fled the country, third just disappeared and went into hiding. They're accused of being a pyramid scheme too. 
Problem 3) The only reason "Alex" can give to people who worry that TVI Express is a scam is... "it pays!"  In other words, Alex don't care if it's a scam if it pays. What does that say about Alex's morality? 
Do you really want to take advice from people with that sort of mindset? 
This is a classic case of denying reality in pursuit of the almighty money. Alex here admitted that he doesn't CARE about TVI Express being a scam. He can't prove it's not a scam, only that it seem to have paid some people, and that is a good amount of money. He simply ignores all the evidence in his face and claims that in his reality, the money factor outweighs everything else, such as morality, logic, and so on. Nothing else mattered except money. 
That's sign of a cult member. 

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Darna said...

The TVi Express Holidays Philippines Inc. franchisee should be investigated and this is own non other than the 'Calingasan Clan'. The President of TVi Philippines keep denying she's the owner. Inspite of the press release in NBI, the top networkers are working harder now to qualify for the South Korean Bootcamp, as the Sth Korean (www.facebook.com/suntai.lee) had launched TVi June 1, 2012. The networkers are ignoring the fact that TVi is a scam because the excuse their upline is using is: its not the TVi Express, its the members itself are the scam because they are using TVi as an investment. They cannot accept the fact that the system itself is a SCAM. I have made contact with them and they're so blinded with the amount of money they will earn. No idea at all that they will be in a compromising situation later. Right now, the CEO are boosting their motivation about the launching of the airlines which got nothing to do with TVi Express at all. Poor networkers they are so dumb and gullible.