Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Spam Blog Recycling Zombie Lies about TVI Express

Once it's on the Internet, it lives forever, even if they are ****ing lies. Here's another one:

So what makes this a pack of lies? Every one of those 10 reasons are lies or unproven statements.

1.) Stable, Debt — Free Company! 

Says who? Where's the proof? Was an audited balance sheet for TVI Express ever published?

2.) Solid Backing By A Successful and Established Business Group! 

Says who? Where's the proof? What business group would this be? 

3.) Universal Line of Products! 

What product? If you ask different TVI Express members, you get different answers on what is the product. 

4.) Opportunity To Build A Global Business From Home! 

If there's no product, what business can this be? 

5.) UNMATCHED Compensation Plan! 

If there is no product, any talk of compensation would make this a SCAM!

6.) Worldwide Recognition! 

Worldwide recognition as a SCAM... In China, US, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia... 

7.) Only Company In The World To Distribute High — End Incentives ( Exotic Villas, Cars, Jewelry, and More! ) 

Jewelry? You made that up. Laptop yes. But was a list of winners and where they went/got ever published, and verified / corroborated by ANYBODY? 

8.) NO Monthly Purchases With An Opportunity To Turn A One — Time 0 Investment Into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Rolling Your Way Monthly! 

Another lie. It costs $250 or MORE to join in, and you are often asked to buy multiple positions. Besides, that is ungrammatical English... What the heck is "opportunity to turn a one-time 0 investment"? What is that 0 doing there?

9.) NO Stocking, Retailing, Product Selling, or Any Nonsense of That Matter! 

Then it is not multi-level marketing at all, if there is no selling / marketing. What does that leave? PYRAMID SCHEME

10.) FAST Income With Earnings At EVERY Step Along The Way!

Repeat of 8, unproven statements... 

Out of 10 statements, every one is either a lie or unproven observation / statement.

So who is this liar? Turns out he's a guy by the name of Globert Alapag in the Philippines who was also pushing a lot of other **** like Winalite

What's interesting is his Facebook profile didn't mention a word about TVI Express.

Did he abandon TVI, or was he trying to separate the two businesses?
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