Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATED: Donna Abreu deleted TVI Express Video, still recruiting others into her schemes

Previously, I have highlighted Donna Abreu many times on this blog, basically pointing out her lies despite her claim to be a network marketing "coach with integrity". On her own blog, she refused to accept the fact that TVI Express is a scam, but instead claimed that "US environment is hostile to MLM".

So what did she do when she finally realized (her upline told her to quit now) TVI Express is a scam? She joined a TVI Express clone called Bon Voyage 1000. This is her Youtube channel (yes, she made a whole bunch of video claiming TVI Express is great, and NEVER took them down. AND her YouTube handle is "TVICoaching")

UPDATE 01-MAR-2012 she apparently finally realized this and deleted them. 

However, it seems she had moved on now to yet ANOTHER scheme... "That Free Thing".

Apparently, you GIVE AWAY STUFF, sign up people, and make money.

Yeah, right. A closer reading of their own website reveals that you HAVE TO SPONSOR PEOPLE TO MAKE MONEY. In other words, it's a pyramid scheme.It has no product. The coupons are available elsewhere for FREE, and there's already bazillion coupon sites on the Internet.

Its owner tried an almost identical concept a few years back called "Freebie Force". It went nowhere.

Here's a real review of That Free Thing.

Donna Abreu even went directly against the company line... The company website says "you have to refer people to make money". She claims you do NOT have to.

Would you want to get coached by such a person?
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Donna Abreu said...

Thank you for pointing out that those TVI Express videos were still out there. I have removed them. Whew!

While I am not active in That Free Thing and Bon Voyage 1000, these two companies do have two legitimate products. They are real companies.

While the free offers ARE available anywhere on the net, That Free Thing does the work of collecting them all in one place for easy access. That is what you are paying for in the $10/month membership.

Bon Voyage 1000 has a great product behind it - a wonderful travel membership whereby you can access great deals on condos and cruises. Many of us have used the travel benefits.

Be sure to get your facts straight.

Kasey Chang said...

Ms. Abreu,

I'll delete the screenshot and explain you have deleted the TVI Express videos.

I am not convinced that BV1K is as legitimate as you say, but that's for another post and another day. IMHO it's a somewhat more legit version of TVI Express. The question is will it survive long enough to make you money.

Donna Abreu said...

I have actually moved away from network marketing. WHEW!

I do online advertising for a company and niche affiliate marketing.

Hey, thanks for posting my comment.

p.s. what is IMHO?

p.s.s. I would spend your time on writing posts about others. My name rarely gets googled.

Kasey Chang said...

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.