Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Moron Claims TVI Express Success AFTER Members Got Arrested

In the past weeks some TVI Express supporters continue to pass "good news" from TVI Express like a parrot. One of them is Suranga, who has a blog called

According to domain reg, is registered to a Sarath Suranga, who lives in Dubai, UAE.

Clearly, Suranga, being in Dubai, wouldn't know or even CARE that members of TVI Express had been arrested in South Africa back in MAY 2011 for running a pyramid scheme, and South African authorities have declared it illegal back in DECEMBER 2010!

Irvin Shirindzi lead away by police
after being arrested for running
TVI Express pyramid scheme
 in Limpopo South Africa
(photo from
From this you can gather a few observations:

1) TVI Express continues to announce "good news" about South Africa despite news of arrest back in April and May. Either they are the most incompetent company in the world, or they are intentionally ignoring the situation in South Africa.

2) TVI Express supporters are the same way: continue to parrot the "good news" without verification in any way, shape, or form.

And one last item of hilarity: This is the "banner" on Suranga's website, which presumably came from TVI Express:

It is clear all these are simply stock photo unrelated to TVI Express. What's really hilarious is the guy in lower left with the Vuvuzela... Look carefully on that TVI Express logo


It was clearly "PhotoShop'ed" (tm)

That tells you TVI Express releases pictures that can't be trusted either.

And Suranga... You are a parrot.

ParrotImage by Ed7 via Flickr

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