Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Me Expressed" is now confirmed spam blog stealing zombie content

This "MeExpressed" website has a ton of zombie content, and one of these is a fresh article claiming "TVI Express is here to stay".

So what's this video about, since it's clearly not fit with the times? What you got here is a guy who calls himself "Matt", claims he already made $10000 from TVI Express, calls all other people "jealous", "liars", and so on.

Then I realized it points to a dead website:  The domain reg had expired a long time ago. Try it yourself. You can register it now... but why?

So who is this "Matt", who clearly picked the wrong horse to bet on? He seem to be on Twitter:

AND MySpace... wait, Myspace?

Yep, the same guy. What's really funny is his own profile on MySpace... claims to be "prince of online marketing".

Since he can't even spot a very obvious pyramid scheme, this prince is a pretend prince. A fake, if you will. But his Twitter log is far more telling... Not a single tweet since late 2009!

So what is he doing now? Website's dead. Let's try the phone number given in the tweet... And you get...

Aha! In 2009 he was making videos "TVI Express is here to stay". Only 2-3 months later, he already jumped ship to Diamond Holiday, a TVI Express clone! This content is DEFINITELY zombie content!

However, next page revealed that Matt here is also involved in Gifting Circles (illegal pyramid scheme) and World Ventures, another TVI Express clone.

What's worse, he put his own daughter in the video advertising the gifting circle thing.

Note the same number... again, and it's definitely him. Further search also found him pushing other scams such as Royal Cruise Matrix on Youtube, Veoh, and other video sites.

However, the number currently seems to go to this "Austin Internet Marketing Solutions". We need some other way to track this person down. Let's try looking for "Peoples Program" and Matt, and see what we get...

Hmmm, another URL. Unfortunately, this domain is also expired.

It seems Matt, self-proclaimed "prince of online marketing", may be out of business.

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