Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fake Bank Blog Plagiarizes Bad TVI Express Article

When you see a domain called "Cyprus Online Bank", what do you think it is?

Yet if you go to

You get TVI Express spam.

However, the article is too nicely written. This is clearly copied from somewhere. So I searched... and found this:

Exact same words, but checking the article's bottom shows that the eZineArticle was published in October 2009, almost 2 YEARS ago. So "Ted" here is a plagiarist.

The domain "CyprusOnlineBank" is registered by "Axela Media", with no additional info available. The only "Axela Media" reference I can find is some web design company in Romania.

It's clear this website is a bogus plagiarism blog.

So what of this Mr. Colin Buckingham? He calls himself "global entrepreneur". So what sort of stuff was he pushing? --  a website that forwards to LifeVantage, which sells nutritional supplements (reviews are somewhat favorable, see ) -- a capture page with just a video, which tells you up front: pay them 70 PER MONTH for a chance at good income. Strangely, other websites say $60, which buys you... a box full of "super food" bars. And you need to sign up people. Hmmm... -- forwards to Prepaid Legal Services, which is called unviable even by its members. See

But not a word about TVI Express. Hmmm...

However, a search through Google shows that he used to have a Twitter handle TVIBuzz, which is also linked to a website of the same name. And when was his last post? 2009.

So what is up with

Domain Name: TVIBUZZ.COM
    Colin Buckingham        ()
    2391 W. Thompson Way
    Tel. +0.6026255400
Creation Date: 28-Sep-2009
Expiration Date: 28-Sep-2011

        Note: This Domain Name is Suspended.
        In this status the domain name is InActive and will not function.

Well, well, we found a ZOMBIE article! 

It's clear Mr. Colin Buckingham, despite his WASP name, isn't that smart as he had to abandon his TVI Express campaign (but he did, so I give him points for that, unlike people in total denial). His only mistake is he forgot to take down that dumb article. 

And that makes the people (Axela Media, whoever you are) zombie plagiarist spamdexers. 

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