Friday, July 22, 2011

War against Potty Mouth Roasa continues

Previously, I had highlighted a Mr. Joel de la Torre Roasa as a potty mouth who somehow came to the conclusion that because I insulted his favorite scam, I should be in a mental hospital instead of him.

Guess what, he wrote back.

Isn't that interesting... the first thing that came to his mind when I accuse him is not "I didn't do it", but instead is "he is guilty of insulting TVI Express".

Are you aware of signs of a cult, Mr. Roasa? And that you are acting like a cult member who had been brainwashed? Of course not.
The aura of Sacred Silence - Prohibiting any questioning of the basic dogma, the cult’s laws, regulations and rules are absolute and must be followed.
I questioned the validity of TVI Express cult. Therefore, in Mr. Roasa's eyes, I am automatically "guilty".

I would suggest a cult deprogrammer in your future, Mr. Roasa. The sooner the better.

Furthermore, Mr. Roasa persisted in this "it paid therefore it's not a scam" definition, DELIBERATELY IGNORING DEFINITION OF A PYRAMID SCHEME, where some of the people do get paid.

I checked myself, I feel just fine.

YOU, Mr. Roasa, on the other hand, needs to take your own advice: visit a mental hospital. It's clear you can't even open a dictionary and understand the definition of "scam". I wonder how joining this scam has affected your intelligence. Perhaps some scientists can start a project on how a scam affects IQ of its victims.
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