Thursday, April 1, 2010

TVI Express shills threaten to "visit" me, except...

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A bunch of TVI Express shills threaten to pay me a visit, except they seem to have me confused with someone else who had been criticizing them from Nepal! And I think they are threatening violence! What the heck is a "tabala"? Should I notify the police? Is this the kind of company you want to join?
"Saran, Danish, Yogesh, Monaj says:
Hey!! Mr. K Chang!!!
Who are you? Why you are posting negativities about TVI Express?
I know very well,
You are basically from Nepal Kathmandu, you Name is C. Agrawal, You have own International company over there. You have joined TVI Express in May-2009 and you have enrolled total 15 members, 15 X INR 13000 = INR 195000. Your total investment in TVI Express is INR 195000. Your ID has been split out by other team in Jan 2010 and you have earn INR 5,20,000. Further you don’t have any option to generate more income from same ID or from your Down line because those person you have enrolled they all are dead. They are unable to make more sponsors and your board goes stagnant.
So, now you don’t have work and you are trying to flash out bad name of TVI in markets.
My all team members are very much angry with your comment; they are coming to your place at Kathmandu soon. Hence, it’s time to cover your ass and run to home.
My team members will play TABALA in your ass.
Whatever you have posted, it’s doesn’t matter to TVI Express and also in my team members. They knows the truth about you." 

P.S. Tabala seems to refer to an Indian percussion instrument. Now that is definitely a physical threat! 
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