Thursday, June 14, 2012

Checking up on an ex-TVI... Dave Kettner

Dave Kettner claims to be network marketer since 1998, and he's very excited about his current biz... sell "chewable" vitamins.  Clearly, he's not excited enough to put it actually in his "current" job, but instead, left the dead TVI Express bogus scam position as his "current" job.

Even that "team" he belonged to, "triumph together" is long dead.

But what else was he excited about? According to his Internet activity, he's only excited about potential scams.

In July 2011 he was promoting ZeekRewards, a suspect Ponzi scheme, which according to him, is promising 1.2% DAILY return.

Searching for that phone number he gave brought up a link to "Diamond Holiday", a clone of TVI Express scam:

Why is it that once a person joins a pyramid scheme, they almost always join another one?

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Chris said...

You're clearly a very uneducated internet marketer.. Also your website is constructed very poorly which probably received 2 unique visitors a day who then leave after finding nothing useful.


Kasey Chang said...

As you came by and only left "lame" comments, instead of more info about TVI Express, apparently it is you that failed. I at least brought you. Right? Ha-ha.

Kasey Chang said...

You *assumed* I'm an internet marketer. Wrong! Thus, your entire comment is a fail.

Dave Kettner said...

Too funny! I guess i should be updating my social networks instead of making crazy money online while helping hundreds of thousands of people. Lol. Zeek Rewards is a scam huh? I think you need to ask the mlm world about that since we are breaking records in the industry. Best of luck to you bro. You keep writing crap and us in the know will continue living the life.

Dave Kettner

Kasey Chang said...

Why is it my problem you don't update your own profiles?

And yes, Zeek's a potential scam that NC AG's office "has concerns" about.

Good luck enjoying all that money.

Kasey Chang said...

So, Dave, still think I'm writing crap?

Kasey Chang said...

Apparently so, because Mr. kettner has been spearheading some sort of "Zeek Rewards Defense Team" trying to sue SEC to allow Zeek to restart.

Kasey Chang said...

Check his twitter account. Yep. Full of links to conspiracy theories about how the government shut down Zeek as some sort of secret agenda.