Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dissecting the TVI Express Video Lie

TVI Express, from the VERY BEGINNING, have falsely represented itself. Here's a screen cap of TVI Express's own video (long since disappeared off their own website, but survived as a "translation" of the original by a Spanish user).

Here, they claim they'll be the next giant in the industry comparable to Citigroup, Reader's Digest, or even Hallmark, plus using the picture of Sir Richard Branson and that other guy (who is that, by the way? TinEye can't pick him out), and "copyright" this travesty.

And this misrepresentation was so effective some Spanish speakers decided to lay it on a bit thicker, and it became this!

See the problem? Not only was Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffet NOT supporters of TVI Express, this guy also claimed there are "majority shareholders" in TVI Express that doesn't exist! Add that to the picture "backed by a prestigious UK based business group", and this is bogus to the extreme!

Even the Warren Buffet quote was mistranslated. He did say "it's the best Investment I've made", but he didn't say fastest growing, and he wasn't referring to TVI Express for sure!

This is the sort of lies TVI Express indulged in, and got replicated in bazillion languages by its gullible members.

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