Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More John Piro's TVI Express bull**** zombie revivified

Some random domain that died got revived as spamticle site about SEO and "Internet Marketing".

What are the warning signs?

1) The John Piro Video is from 2009, bogus, old, and zombie!

2) Has both English and SPANISH articles, clearly the spam poster caught the extras by surprise

3) Domain is registered through a proxy: no real ID

4) TVI Express is NOT internet marketing, but a SCAM spread through the Internet

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JohnPiro said...

John Piro was introduced to TVI Express in July 2009. By mid August 2009 John stopped sharing TVI Express because he realized the management behind TVI Express was solely Tarun Trikha who claimed he was an advisor to the Board of Directors of TVI Express which claimed it had its offices in the UK which amounted in a Postal Address. Interestingly when John & others finally uncovered the real story behind who the Board of Directors was, Tarun Trikha was caught in a long series of lies he fed everyone. There were many people who earned $10K-$500K in a 3-6 mos period but John Piro only cycled for $10K one time but was never able to get his money out of TVI Express back office!

Kasey Chang said...

Well, if this is the "real" John Piro (though the story seem to fit so far), feel free to write your perspective on your whole TVI Express experience, and I'll gladly publish it here. Just don't promote your current "biz", whatever it is. I'll post it as "a Guest Post".

Feel free to post it as a comment.