Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NEWSFLASH: Saudi TVI Express members faked fatwa claiming TVI Express is allowed

According to http://sabq.org/sabq/user/news.do?section=5&id=35136  a senior official in Saudi Arabia was surprised to see his name attached to a fictional fatwa that had been cited to "permit" TVI Express and other multi-level marketing items, which is actually verboten under shariah law. The official denies ever making such a fatwa, was completely misunderstood, and so on and so forth.

In Saudi Arabia, such slander and false claims carries a VERY stiff penalty... Shariah law is VERY strict against spreading untruths.

Following was auto-translated by Google.

Absolute denies fatwa permitting network marketing emphasizes: Signature of a compound and a fake seal
Abdullah Barqawi - already - Riyadhdenied Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Mutlaq adviser at the Royal Court member of the senior scientists member of the Standing Committee for Academic Research and Fatwa, which traded a number of sites Web site of the advisory opinion of the forged and false attributed to His Excellency, allow network marketing, said Sheikh's absolute " above "the fatwa counterfeit adopted by a company working in the field of tourism called" tvi express ", shopping product on this fatwa signed compound and seal a fake is not related to Sheikh absolute nothing.and between Sheikh absolute that the fatwa fabricated included a "passport to buy the company's products mentioned above, and the rule of buying these products do not mind it not haraam, because the availability of terms of sale where .. to the latest came in the advisory opinion of the fraud and lies. " The Sheikh absolute he was not authorized for one on this opinion, and that these words came from someone who does not know the procedures fatwa Standing Committee, in particular that the Standing Committee has issued a fatwa (no. 22 935) and dated 14 March 1425 included the prohibition of pyramid marketing or networking, and His Excellency within the signatories. In conclusion, Sheikh absolute statement, saying: "So was clarification, the grabbed some hands this opinion false false to eat the people's wealth unlawfully, issued a statement of the right and the innocence of the edema and decisive for the material of evil. "Meanwhile, I learned " previously "that the British tourism company is expected to present their product catalog, on Wednesday in Jeddah, based on a false opinion.
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