Thursday, May 10, 2012

UNCONFIRMED: TVI Express dead in India

Received the following report from a reader:
how we file a case againest tvixpress and tarun trikha , because we heard that tarun is now not in india , and the main thing is that tviexpress is now not registered with ROC with india goverment ,because the registered office of tviexpress holidays pvt limited is closed after raided by crime branch police. now tvi web site shows in his contact address for india is a Elite tours and travels which is registered in ROC govt of india in the name of someone mr. manmohan singh talwar and he says that he is taking a franchise from tviexpress for india opertions and tell that the head office of tviexpress is in indonesia, but after all this there is no doucment available that shows that elite tours and travels is franchise of tviexpress . so now the real situation is this that Elite tours and travels is also closed from 1st of april2012 and not giving any answer of our emails and their phone is always closed ,when we personally contact to the head of elite tour and travles he says that he left tvi and don’t contact to him about tvi . when we asked many question about tvi india to mr.tarun ,he not give any single answer about this and busy in his new airlines venture . so its time to taking action againest him ,lots of membars are lost their life and money and social status also because of tviexpress
I checked and it was down with "502 bad gateway". As there was no other confirmation this is "unconfirmed".

EDIT: Updated, 8 hours later, website is back, but the India office is indeed listed as "Elite travel". Interestingly, TVI Express used to have TWO offices in India. If both are gone, where are they running things from?

Not Cyprus as that's a virtual office (at least three other companies share the exact same address)

Not UK, as that's a virtual office (owned by Regus, with over 20 companies in same address)

Not Indonesia, as they lost their business license there back in 2011.

Not South Africa, as they had been investigated by authorities back in December 2010, with arrests made in 2011, and even in March there's reports that the forensic accounting team are still tracking the money.

Where in the World is TVI Express? 
(cue tune of "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego")
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Darna said...

Even though Indonesia office of TVi Express is closed, Tarun Trikha still operate his business there. He and Goenarni change their cars so they can go around unnotice.

Kasey Chang said...

So Tarun Trikha has moved to Indonesia? Interesting.

Kasey Chang said...

Personally, if anybody has whereabouts of Tarun Trikha they should give it to Central Branch police, the folks who raided the HQ back in 2011.

I'm sure Indonesian authorities and South african authorities (along with Interpol) would probably want to know as well. :)

But don't tell me. I'm just a blogger. :D