Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who's Shawn Wallace and Why Was He Pushing TVI Express?

A spam blog called showed up and copied an article by a guy named "Shawn Wallace" pushing TVI Express.  The article was dated 2009 and can be found all over the Internet at the various article spam sites.

That spam blog is a boring blog that specialized in attracting zombie articles from free article sites (i.e. spam farms). But who is Shawn Wallace?  He's at

However, he clearly has no heart in it, since the website had not been updated since August 2010.

Even the footer was left unfinished.

Clearly, Shawn has no experience in MLM, nor does he know how to pick a proper opportunity. However, here is one thing to note: not a single word on TVI Express.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Desperate TVI Express Shilled Tried Bandwagon Fallacy Again

Recently, this ad appeared on some TVI Express websites:

TVI Express had fallen to below 10000 ranking on Alexa several months ago. So why all the turnaround?

Russian botnet, that's how.

1) Alexa ranking says vast majority of TVI Express's traffic is coming out of Russia... 58%. Tack on another 20 % from nearby Republics such as Ukraine, Kazahkstan, and so on. (Go see for yourself, look on Alexa, then click on AUDIENCE tab) and those three countries account for 78% of traffic on TVI Express.

At best, this proves TVI Express is popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazahkstan.

2) Alexa ranking is EASILY manipulated through a paid service can buy your way to a top Alexa ranking via AlexaBooster, which uses some sort of traffic exchange desktop software to boost site views by browsers equipped with Alexa. For $300 a month AlexaBooster claims to secure a 10,000 or above ranking for its customers

Read more:
With Russian botnets, adding traffic stats to Alexa is very easy. Microsoft is hunting botnet operators in Russia, and TVI Express's Alexa ranking has slipped in just the past few weeks (it's 45xx now). Will the Alexa ranking last at all?

3) "Popularity = good" is a known as "bandwagon fallacy"

So what had TVI Express proven with this campaign? It continues to PRETEND to have legitimacy, but it is merely a cloak.
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InfoTechBoy seem to be another spam blog

InfoTechBoy claims to be a blog about various subjects, and one of them is money... and one of their subjects under money is TVI Express. Admittedly, this is OLD content... 2009, but it's still on their website.

So what's wrong with this picutre?

First of all, name. GaijinCoach... Do you know what "gaijin" is? It's what Japanese calls all Westerners. It's a (mildly) derogatory term. Who the heck picks a derogatory handle for himself?

Second, if you go through the entire article, you will NOT find out what exactly do you distribute as a distributor.

Third, the verbiage was copied straight from other TVI Express "ads". If you randomly pick a paragraph and search for the text on Google, you'll find plenty of other entries pre-dating this one. Thus, this article is plagiarized.

Fourth, the article completely ignored the fact you need to cycle out TWICE to make $15000... and you actually don't make $15000. It's $10000 in eWallet, which is not even real money.

Fifth, the article has no less than TWO SEPARATE TVI Express affiliate IDs at the end.

Thus, this article is badly written, plagiarized, and full of lies and incomplete truths. It's an ad, not a review that it claims to be.

What does that make
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"TrustedGuide" Clearly Can't Be Trusted

A quick check of "only trusted guide" revealed that it's a spam blog that relies on copying random articles that are keyword related only peripherally to the topic. What a joke.

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Exposing TVI Express potty mouth: Joel Dela Torre Roasa

With opening of TVI Express "Philippines" branch, some Filipinos are finding my articles revealing some facts about TVI Express they didn't know about and want some answers.  Suddenly one of my hubs got like 200+ views a day for several days (when it usually gets about 2-5 views a day). Then some potty mouth posted a comment about I need to be committed to a mental hospital, but didn't say why. Apparently, I had insulted his favorite scam.  As today is June 27, 11 days about would make it... June 16, 2011.

The IP address tracks to a UMobile, an operator in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

So what does Facebook actually say?   On June 16, this was posted...

Exact same words. While not conclusive proof, it appears that Antonio Pasaporte is not his real name.

This guy's awfully brave behind an alias. So who is this Joel Dela Torre Roasa? This is his facebook profile (which is public)

Not only does Joel here have a potty mouth, he appears to be addicted to gambling and scams, according to his own profile.

(I was joking about the addiction, but at least I joke based on reality, unlike Joel there who apparently pulled that insult out of his ***hole, which only proves he's full of **** .)

UPDATE (August 27, 2011)

Apparently Mr Roasa read my blogpost, he had removed the offending logo AND his gambling reference. Who's feeling guilty now?

Why don't you remove the reference to Poker AND TVI Express while you're at it too?

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Monday, June 27, 2011

More Religious Site Infected by Spam Blogs... and TVI Express ad

When a website with domain name "devotional word" ended up with "business opportunities", you can be sure it was infected by spam blogs, and here's the bull****.

NOTE the areas I highlighted... Section 1) on top only points to Google adsense.  Section 2) means this guy is still using the theme title, and has no title graphic of his own  3) More Google adsense links again. 

At least he copied an article that rated TVI Express as junk. But this is STILL a spam blog.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stolen Pictures of TVI Express, part 15 of ????

Is there ANY original art on TVI Express? Their "overview" is just generic stock photo.

And here's the proof. (The picture on the right was proven stolen several weeks ago. )

Friday, June 24, 2011

TVI Express is now synonymous with XXX MILF video (really)

According to Google, TVI Express keyword now brings up XXX MILF. See for yourself.

For those who don't get the joke... XXX is nasty porn, and MILF = "mother I like to f***".

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Proof that TVI Express is a Cult: TVI Bless Group

This is TVIBless, where joining TVI Express (i.e. getting scammed) is a blessing. Apparently, bless is spelled with a $.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TVI Express Power Team is so generic, they are no longer involved

TVI Express Power Team ( ) claims to be one of the fastest growing teams. However it appears they are so generic, they are a part of a web template.

This is TVI Express Power Team:

And this is the web template:

They enjoy being the fastest so much, they've abandoned TVI Express and moved onto ROI Unlimited.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who is Larry Wells and Why Is He Reviving TVI Express Zombie Content?

Search of the Internet shows that a guy with domain "" is reviving some TVI Express zombie content. Here is one such sample.

The title says Global Resorts. What is Global Resorts? It's Global Resorts Network, or GRN, a MLM selling vacation at resorts for cheap... if you join up and pay a huge membership fee (over a thousand dollars). It started back in 2007 or so, from what I can find.  The web is full of spam and splog and spamticles (spam articles) about it, so finding reliable information is difficult. Even the CitizenCorp review is unreliable (the guy who ran it is a serial MLMer who originally gave high ratings to TVI Express only to retract it later) but that's another story.

Any way, the sidebar of the website links to Facebook account "Discount Timeshare Travel". The domain name goes to "At Home Marketing", no address. So, let's try the Facebook page...

The website, as in the Facebook profile, has a contact page that points to Larry Wells (and even has a phone number, which links to Hamilton, a suburb of Toronto, Canada).

So who the heck is Larry Wells? Turns out he's a bit late to the game. He joined GRN when it's already past its prime. His facebook pages says he joined in 2010 (see above). Here's his picture from his other website  (also registered by At Home Marketing)

Looking over shows that there are no reviews at all. Instead, it's random articles touting everything travel related... TVI Express, Silverline Club, and more. Even random review of resorts. None of these articles are original... all were copied from somewhere else.

In fact, the website didn't exist until April 2011. First entry was in April.

Thus, Larry Wells attempt at SEO is basically reviving zombie content from elsewhere without any attempt at some sort of logical filter. In other words, he's attracting bull****, and that includes scam like TVI Express.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Old Spam from TVI Express Spammer Jeffrey Sousa

Digging through Google and my old comments, and I found an old spam hub on Hubpages from "AsiaTVIExpress"  at this url:

I thought that picture looked similar, and indeed that is Jeffrey Souza, whom I had highlighted before, mainly doing keyword spamming nutritional supplements. (See Related Articles below)

What's worse, the wording is stolen off another Hubber, Matthew Neer, whose words have been revealed to be... without substance. Mr. Neer later even admitted that TVI Express is a scam.

What's really funny is on the original hub written by Mr. Neer, there's a comment from Jeffrey Souza (posting as Jeffrey Allan) that thanked Mr. Neer for the hub.  Note he gave link to TVI Express Powerboard, so there's no doubt it's him.

So he thanked the guy for writing a great hub so he can steal it.

WTF, man... WTF.

Related articles
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The New TVI Express Advisory Board: Who are These People?

TVI Express in May 2011 have made some major revisions to their website in order to cover their tracks against critics, who point to idiotic mistakes, like naming "office bearers" with generic names like "Bill Cooper". Those names are gone, but many have taken their place. (This is captured June 20, 2011)

This board have removed a few names, but raised even more questions.

1) TVI Express is illegal in China, with at least nine documented to have been arrested, tried, and CONVICTED of running pyramid schemes. A lot more have been arrested and released. So how can TVI Express still have two advisory board members for China?

2) Same for South Africa. In April three members were arrested for running TVI Express then released on bail. How can there still be adviser for South Africa?

3) TVI Express in Iran? Shariah law virtually prohibits MLM, and security forces arrested a bunch of fraudsters pushing GoldQuest in 2010. Yet Iran apparently has enough members to warrant an advisory panel member. Hmmm...

Clarissa Calingasan
from her Blogger profile
4) Clarissa Calingasan is a "Bob Proctor certified" motivational speaker, not a part of TVI Express. What makes her "vice admiral" qualified?

This also blows the old idea that "vice admiral = vice president" idea out of the water, a lie that had been repeated by many TVI Express members. Ms. Goernani Goenawan, President of PT TVI Express Indonesia, was referred by TVI Express website as "Vice President" (why?)  Clearly, vice admiral is NOT vice president (unless somehow there are multiple vice presidents).

As far as I can find, the only link between Ms. Calingasan and TVI Express is she's following Tarun Trikha on Twitter, and may have previously spoken at some TVI Express events.

5) Who the heck is this "Adnan" character? Is this same guy as "Aknon" as named by Darren Aikens back in October 2010, this "barrister of marketing"?

6) Are they EVER going to explain why are some members removed and others added? Why was Tarun Trikha's name removed?  How about Khurana?

Clearly this "advisory board" is not a "real" organization.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

TVI Express No Longer Claims to be a London, UK Company

For over two years, TVI Express claimed to be "international conglomerate headquartered in London, UK". Indeed, their primary contact number, international dialing code 44, is a London phone number.

However, sometime in 2011 (probably in May), the verbiage was changed. Now, it just says "international conglomerate", no more "headquarter" at all.

Indeed, there is NO company AT ALL in UK called anything CLOSE to "TVI" or "Travel Ventures". It is NOT registered in the UK Business Registry at all.

The closest company name, "TVI SERVICES", closed in March of 2011, and there never was any proof that it is a part of TVI Express. (see below: TVI Express is NO LONGER a UK company)

Thus, it is clear that if TVI Express is operating in the UK, it is operating ILLEGALLY!

Yet TVI Express continues to use a London phone number and an Uxbridge address as their contact number.

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More Splogs (spam blogs) posting zombie TVI Express stuff

What does TVI Express have to do with Weight Loss? Nothing unless you're a splog

(the blank spot in the middle is due to the embedded video player not being captured)

So who ranked TVI Express as best MLM in 2009? One place exactly, CitizenCorp, which had since withdrew its rating and put it "on alert" (i.e. fraud). Go look at it yourself.

This site was so new, it had ZERO comments. Apparently, this splog was randomly pulling articles from all over the net.

Death to zombies! (and splogs)
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 13 of ???

Previously we have went through every picture on the right side bar, and found most to be clipart. Turns out the car picture is clipart too, stolen off an UK website:

Specifically, that picture that says "pay plan presentation"? The three luxury cars? Right off UK website:

At least this guy blanked the license plates.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

More proof that TVI Express has turned into a cult

They are even doing the "Heil Hitler!" salutes... Found on Kaskus Indonesia forum (sorry about B&W)

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 11 of ???

Turns out that "Warren Buffett" picture was stolen too, off CNBC website. The background was painted out, similar to the way "3 Keys" was painted out.

This is the page in question...

The Warren Buffet Picture is clearly identical to the picture that follows, except the green background was replaced with white.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEWSFLASH: More TVI Express Fraudsters Sentenced to Jail in China

This news was a bit hard to find, but apparently three more TVI Express fraudsters were sentenced in China at the beginning to May, 2011.


Free travel abroad? Misfortune caused by pyramid scheme

中国反传销网 来源:中国法院网 作者:徐伟 红珍 2011年05月05日

China's anti-MLM Network Source: China Court Network  Author: Xu Fong Hong Zhen May 5, 2011

  Join "British TVI Travel Express" for 1897 Yuan, and you can enjoy "free accommodations in five-star hotel 7 Days 6 Nights, free to travel abroad,", do you believe it? Will fortune literally fall in your lap? In fact, there is no falling fortune, but falling trap, a pyramid scheme made ​​up of beautiful lies, with more than 30 people fooled. Yesterday, after trial, Fengqiu County, Henan Province People's Court, convicted and sentenced Wen Yu's group of three for organizing and leading pyramid scheme.

  Investigations showed that since May 2009, the defendant Wen Yu was recruited by others to join "British TVI Travel Express", then the defendant together with Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi, recruited in Fengqiu, Changyuan, and other places with the slogan "free five-star hotel seven days six nights, free to travel abroad", asked participants to pay 8 shares at 1897 yuan per share, to lure participants to sponsor other people to join, complete the board, earn $500. If he advanced to express board, and also complete the board, he can earn $10000 US Dollars. The reward is directly dependent on amount of people recruited, and thus a financial fraud. Over thirty people were recruited, and Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi all are level 3 or higher.


  The court, after investigation, determined that defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi, used the name of promoting "British TVI Travel Express", requiring participants to pay membership to qualify for payment, organized advancement based pyramid shape, with compensation directly based on sponsoring people to join, to lure participants to continue to sponsor others, is financial fraud, disruption of economic and social order. This behavior constitutes crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes. Defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi together intentionally perpetrated pyramid schemes, but Wen Yu is the leader in the scheme, and Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi played a secondary role, and being accomplice, should receive lighter or mitigated punishment ; defendant Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi with a good attitude, do show repentance, should not harm society if released, so sentence of probation is appropriate.


  Finally, this court, for organizing and leading a pyramid schemes, sentences to imprisonment for one year and two months Wen Yu, and fined 20,000 yuan; Yang Rui sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan; sentenced Zheng Zhi to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan.
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More Stolen Pictures by TVI Express

Even their testimonials are fake stock photo. Here's their "testimonial" art.

We have previously identified "3 Keys" as being clipped from a German website and "Why Direct Selling" as a manipulated image of "For Sale" sign. Turns out the "testimonials" is also clipped. See below:

Turns out to be exactly as someone else's stock photo too...

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