Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marketing Coach Can't Even Get TVI Express Details Right, Wants to Train You

Does TVI Express care about its members lying? Obviously not. Check out this one:

This article is hilarious in that it even got the TVI Express details wrong. Here's a paragraph:
Joining the TVI Express Travel Business is simple and affordable. Just by $250 you can start your business. Its plan revolves around 3 matrixes or medium which are all interconnected. First is called Travelers Board. Here we have the board that is designed as a 2×4 matrix and as you progress through this board, you’ll upgrade to the Express Board. Within the Express Board you c see earnings up to $16K. You can see a lot of income when you upgrade to the Real Matrix which has 5×10 matrixes.
So it says there are THREE boards / matrices you need to go through. Why does TVI Express website itself says only two?  And where did the $16K figure came from?

What's even MORE hilarious is this:
When it comes to the legitimacy of this company’s operation, it’s best to ask previous members or seek legal counsel with one who is familiar with the industry.
Ask previous members? What do THEY know about the legality of a business?

EDIT AND UPDATE: As of Feb 27, 2012, the above link is no longer working. 

It's also directly copied from here:

EDIT AND UPDATE: As of Feb 27, 2012, the above link is no longer working. 

So who is behind this It's a self-proclaimed network marketing coach

EDIT AND UPDATE: has removed TVI Express related material from his website. 

Frankly, if he got the details of this alleged opportunity wrong, I wouldn't trust him to teach anything.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yet Another dead TVI Express website

Here's TVI Express Spam in an ARABIC forum...

And the website it was pointing to, i.e. Dead, of course. Try it yourself.

But the site seem to be dead a bit before this... WHOIS records show that the site belonged to

Inmoblia Marketing Group
3391 South Kirkman Road1214Orlando, Florida 32811United States
Registered through:, Inc. ( Name: 10KTRAVELGROUP.COMCreated on: 03-Mar-10Expires on: 03-Mar-11Last Updated on: 03-Mar-10
Administrative Contact:Young, James
However, both sites are dead. There is no or

Guess Mr. Young ain't that much of a "marketing group", eh?

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Even more funnies about TVI Express alleged award

If you go to TVI Express's own "gallery", you'll see that...

1) The award is to PT TVI Express (Indonesia), not TVI Express itself.

2) They even got their own dates wrong. The award itself clearly says "FEBRUARY 18, 2011", but the date given by TVI Express as January 18, 2011!

3) What's even funnier, TVI Express only ANNOUNCED the award on its own website on MARCH 18, 2011! (Look in their announcement page)

4) Look at what the award itself says: "as the best service excellent of the year" If they can't even write English properly, clearly this award can't be meant for any proper English speaking folks. The NAME of the award may be "International Good Company Award", but it's only open to Indonesia companies, and the award is unknown outside of Indonesia. NOBODY has heard of them.

5) Look at the banner behind Goernani Goernawan... There are at least 5 other companies that have won the award. Only ONE other company, TimeZone advertised that they have won on the Internet. The other four didn't even bother. Clearly, the award is NOT a popular award... except to TVI Express, eager to claim any shred of legitimacy.

Again, this award means very little.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Czech TV Covers TVI Express Pyramid Scheme

As I don't speak Czech / Sloak, I'm going by Google Translation of the Title and Subtitle Which says PYRAMID

Click on segment #5 (at the menu below the video)

Would LOVE for someone who speaks Czech / Slovak to give me a translation, but it's clear that the local don't want to talk about it, and police are not saying anything good!
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PATHETIC TVI Express Spam found in response to "hot girls"

See for yourself... found on

And look at the date. What's REALLY funny... TVI Express supposedly has a "no spam" policy, but does any associates get slapped for spamming? Nope.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kelly Williams, Ex-TVI, went on to start his own... Scam?

Kelly Williams was one of the biggest members in TVI Express, at least in the US. For the longest time he was defending TVI Express, bemoaning that its leaders (i.e. Tarun Trikha) were not answering concerns, while trying to keep his team together. He even sent letters to Troy Dooley's MLMHelpDesk with information.
(October 2009)

And here's a claim that he and his brother Jake loved the idea of TVI Express
(November 2009)

And according to this "agreement" (DOC file), he lives in 553 East Mutton Hollow, Kaysville, Utah.

In 2010 he suddenly quit TVI Express. And guess what? He started a clone of TVI Express called "Club Sea Breeze". The WHOIS of shows...

Registrant:Kelly Williams553 East Mutton Hollow RdKaysville, Utah 84037United States
Registered through:, Inc. ( Name: CLUBSEABREEZE.NETCreated on: 06-Jan-10Expires on: 06-Jan-12Last Updated on: 03-Feb-10
Yep, same guy. Same address and everything. And if you examine Club Sea Breeze website, you'll find it to be a virtual CLONE of TVI Express, albeit one more fleshed out, that addresses various concerns such as transparency, ownership, and more. However, that's not good enough.

In 2011, Club Sea Breeze made the "Daily Pyramid (scheme)" from Linkvaark.

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TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 7 of ???

TVI Express explains its core values... But the pictures were stolen!  Here's TVI Express webpageL

The "billion heart" picture was borrowed from a QuestNet ad. They borrowed only the top half, and not the QuestNet logo.

The Hand-holding picture was stolen off Flickr, where the rights were clearly "all rights reserved". In other words, TVI EXPRESS STOLE THE PICTURE.

And that umbrella picture? It was from a blog.

Is there ANY licensed art on TVI Express at all?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Indonesian Celebrity Lends Name to Scam

8-ball pyramid scheme model.Image via WikipediaA relatively famous ex-actress was roped into the TVI Express scam. Locals reported it was if it's GOOD news.  (in Indonesian)

Previously TVI Express had roped in Java's police chief as a participant and endorser. That name seem to be no longer mentioned.

For those who think celebrities are infallible... Here's an American celebrity... wife of former Bank of American CEO Ken Lewis was pulled into a pyramid scheme. This is not an idiot, folks. She has her own business and all that. Her friends pulled her into it. See for yourself.

Celebrity endorsement proves nothing.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Zombie Weasel Review Discovered!

Found the following link through a bit of Googling.

This one I haven't seen before, and as expected, it sings praises of TVI Express. But is it even telling the truth? Here's a screenshot:

Let me apply my own described criteria... "Crap Detector".

PURPOSE: What is the purpose of the article? The title is "TVI Express". The first paragraph is an anecdote, unrelated to TVI Express. The end it says the guy gave TVI Express 4 out of 5 stars. So clearly he thought it was a good idea. So the purpose is "To Prove TVI Express is a good opportunity".

EVIDENCE: Is the stuff current? Unfortunately, NO! Here's the CURRENT rating on TVI Express by Mr. Tannar:
"We were loving TVI Express, until our sponsor, one of the biggest hitters in the company, dropped out with little to no warning, and the company its self ignored every one of my emails. I would no way, promote them any longer..."
Thus, it's proven that the website first mentioned is a copycat, and copying OLD STUFF. ANOTHER case of ZOMBIE content!

Zombies Invade San Francisco!
Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr

I sent them something via "contact" form with the facts. Let's see if they do anything. If they do nothing, then they're a content farm or TVI Express shill. Stay tuned!

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TVI Express Dollars Hides Behind "Member" Wall

Rudy Phan got tired of me citing his articles and picking them apart, so all his "new" articles are now for members only. Try this link, says "members only".

And he decided TVI Express is stupid, so he moved on to something else.

Well, ain't that just dandy for him?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conclusive Proof that TVI Express is NOT investing in Airline

TVI Express Indonesia members are spreading rumors that TVI Express has somehow found money to invest in a new airline that will start operation in July 2011. Here's one example.

Somehow the name "Gunarni Gunawan" was construed to be mispelled Goenarni Goenawan, owner of PT TVI Express Indonesia. 

However, that citing is COMPLETELY WRONG. TribunNews of Indonesia has identified the two domestic investors of Pacific Royale Airline as Gunarni Soeworodan, and Samudera Sukardi, both of whom had previously worked at Garuda Air. 

And if TVI Express is investing in an airline, you'd think they'd made an announcement already. Instead, you get all these rumor mills working overtime, citing the WRONG facts, and NOBODY even bothered to double check the names! I don't even speak Indonesian yet I smelled a rat from THOUSANDS of miles away! 

Another TVI Express lie busted! 
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More Hilarious News: TVI Express to Buy Airline?

Oh, a guy claiming to be Tarun Trikha (not!) posted some comment on one of my Hubpages hubs claiming that TVI Express is buying an airline!

Oh, really? He claims that the airline is, uh... Royal Palm.
"TVI is launching its OWN Airlines by the end of 2011 called "Royal Palm Airlines" which will start from Indonesia to India."
The problem is... THERE IS NO SUCH airline, either being formed or already formed, anywhere in Asia.

There is supposedly an airline that is being started called Pacific Royale Airline.,20110131-310186,uk.html

So clearly that can't be Tarun Trikha posting. If he really is launching an airline, how can he get the name wrong? What sort of stupid **** is that?

Which makes this rebuttal even MORE hilarious than the typical ROFL.
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More report of TVI Express Fraud Out of Indonesia

Member in Indonesia cannot get trip booked, so she drove down to TVI Express Indonesian Office. The person there was NO HELP, promised to book her trip offline manually, but cannot be done that day.

She went back home to wait.

Got e-mail announcement: no booking offline. Everybody go online to book.

She has had enough.  (use translator)
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yet more blog defiled with TVI Express spam

Here's a blog about HydroCephalus

In 2009 it turned into a splog (spam blog)

And of course, we found a TVI Express spam in there, in Indonesian, no less.

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 7 of ???

More TVI Express funny testimonials

The testimonials are mostly fake or sent in by idiots, and TVI Express duplicate the numbers so inflate the count. Here's an example... same guy send in TWO testimonials:

and again

Same guy, but one picture was manipulated to look slightly different.  However, the message is almost exactly the same! Clearly, you can't trust that "698" different testimonies...

Monday, March 21, 2011

HYIP forum in Spain found TVI Express to be a scam lead by Tarun Trikha|en&u=

TVI Express Won an Award? Not when you read a little closer.

Map of Indonesia showing waters of the East In...Image via WikipediaTVI Express announced that it had won some sort of award called "International Good Company Award of 2011". It was allegedly awarded by "International Achievement Foundation".

The problem is, nobody knows where is this foundation located. It doesn't seem to exist online. It seem to only exist in Indonesia, and even there it seems to have multiple names. 

And the event was NOT covered by ANY news agency, local or otherwise. 

There is such an award called "International Good Company Award" in Indonesia, but the problem is it's not just "one award", but multiple awards for different cateogories. Supposedly PT TVI Express Indonesia won "best service excellence" (not TVI Express the main company, mind you)

Supposedly the award was presented to Goernawan, who, previously, told reporters that TVI Express is NOT multi-level, even though the main company website says it is.

Furthermore, keep in mind that in Indonesia, PT TVI Express Indonesia's stated business (on their business license) is "computers, electronics, and communications sales and consulting" (rough translation). So if they got "best service excellence", it has to be for THAT, not travel or "business opportunity".

What's even MORE interesting is so far TVI Express have NOT produced the "certificate" or plaque that one gets after receiving the award for all to see. You get a generic picture of the award, some clipart banner, and a TINY 1 inch by 1 inch photo that shows Goernawan receiving SOME sort of award. 

Here's a different company that allegedly received the award at the SAME event:

Date given was FEBRUARY 18, 2011, a FULL MONTH AGO.

So if this happened in FEBRUARY, but TVI Express only announced it now, what was TVI Express hiding for all these time, and only announced it March 18th, 2011?

And why is there ZERO coverage of this from any new media outlet (other than TVI Express itself)?

Last year's winner was... uh... "BEACH Laundry" franchise. The win was announced in May 2010. In February 2011 they announced another winner already. Hmmm... Is it me or is this award not what it appears to be?

Who are the judges? No idea. Who else won? No idea. There is no winner list at all.

This award is completely unknown outside of Indonesia, and TVI Express is trying to make a "big deal" out of it, when it's not even itself that had won, but one of its branches, a separate corporate entity, whose stated business is not even travel or business opportunity.

And the person receiving the award had previously lied to reporter, been reported so, directly contradicting official TVI Express statement on what it is. In other words, TVI Express ignores its leader's lies on newspaper, while emphasizing an award its leader won (for what?) that doesn't even apply to the main company.

Sorry, but even if this award is real, it only applies to one part of TVI Express, not the whole thing. Furthermore, it's for SERVICE excellence. It doesn't prove the rest of the business itself is not a scam.

Awards ceremony are in no way good judgment of character. Click here for an ironic award.

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More Blogs Defiled with TVI Express Ads

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...Image via WikipediaHere's a British Blog about building furniture... Except somewhere at the bottom someone inserted a spam message in THAI, about TVI Express and some other Cycler (read: pyramid scheme)
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another dead TVI Express website

See for yourself:

Investigating... Pastor Jerry Dailey testimonial of TVI Express

Another testimonial on TVI Express website is a Pastor Jerry Daily, which is reproduced below:

First, let's find the church Pastor Dailey goes at... that turns out to be... Macedonia Methodist Church of San Antonio Texas.

Yep, that's his picture alright. However, it seems Pastor Dailey has no business acumen. On a "network" he listed several programs he had joined:

Note that there is no "TVI Express" in here.

So what is "Narc That Car"? A scam, according to Better Business Bureau, with F rating (worst possible)

How about "My Shopping Genie"? Not that bad, but unlikely to make money.

Guess that means he ain't into TVI Express either. Another Ex-member, it seems.
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TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 6 of ???

Here's some weird testimonials... Who sends in a picture of a hotel that wasn't taken by him?

Here's the "Testimonials" page on TVI Express...

So that's a picture of 4 Seasons in Las Vegas, right? It is, but it's the PROMO picture that appears on various websites, such as this Japanese travel website:

(Scroll down, exact same picture when you get to Four Seasons)

How are we supposed to treat the testimonial seriously when the writer can't even send a real picture?  For all you know this is a FAKE testimonial!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

TVI Express on LinkedIn? Nope! Just a couple distributors with illusions of greatness

Just the other day TVI Express appeared on LinkedIn... But it's not what you think.

Turns out it's just a couple TVI Express distributors with delusions of greatness.

What's REALLY hilarious... There is no such domain active. The domain expired almost a month ago.
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Friday, March 18, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 5 of ???

Another stolen picture:

What's wrong with that picture? It's manipulated version of this original picture:

Even MORE hilarious bilingual TVI Express Spam... TVI Express and... Shrimp

Here's TVI Express spam that combines Estonian AND Russian.

However, the title is in Estonian, and it's... SHRIMP. The first few bits are in Russian, about TVI Express. About half way down the page, it switched to Estonian about shrimp. Then when the bits about shrimp finishes (random pictures of shrimp and stuff, probably translated with Google Translate) it switches back to TVI Express stuff.

If you use the translator link below, you'll need to switch between Estonian and Russian and back. It's pretty hilarious.

So this is how they game the Google webrank...
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even MORE hilarious TVI Express Website

Ever seen a POLISH TVI Express spam? Here's, that somehow combines TVI Express ad with... "aerobic bacteria".

No, that's not a joke, but it's hilarious... even more so when you look at it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 4 of ???

Oh, and that picture up front? Borrowed right off GettyImages WITHOUT attribution

And here's the FULL-size image:

They trimmed off the top and bottom, just like they did to the other stolen pictures.

Something pretty hilarious: South African thinks TVI Express is good... one month AFTER local newspaper reported TVI Express "belly up"

Musa Nkosi claims to have worked in banking industry for 14 years, then in November struck out on his own. So he started a blog in January 2011.

So what's that have to do with TVI Express? On January 26, 2011, he blogged about TVI Express, complete with a referral link to a member called hutty.

This is almost a month AFTER the newspaper "New Age" declared TVI Express "belly up" in South Africa. (on December 30, 2010)

As he had NO experience in direct marketing, what exactly does he expect us to take him seriously?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So THAT is How TVI Express Got "95000 hotels"...

A browse through some Indonesian website about TVI Express revealed a TVI Express booking certificate, with some very interesting emergency contact at the bottom. The certificate is reproduced to the right.

Note the "emergency contact" at the bottom. Guess where +90 country code is?

Turkey. That's right, all the way over in Turkey, in the Middle East

Search for that emergency contact number revealed that it's an outfit called . There is no cost to join, and they provide "95000 hotels in 11000 destinations", the EXACT numbers offered by TVI Express. 

However, note this item in their FAQ
Are hotel taxes included in my booking? For the majority of bookings, general hotel taxes are included in the room rate. Tourist/local/city taxes which generally include the use of local services may not be included. If city tax needs to be paid at the hotel, this info is shown in Remarks and on the voucher. %1% Some hotels, particularly in the USA do charge a resort fee which must be paid to the hotel directly. This is typically $10 to $20 a room a night. is not responsible for resort fee charges and have no control over their implementation. 
Location of Bali in IndonesiaImage via WikipediaThus, TVI Express just proved that it is charging exorbitant "taxes and processing fees" to enrich its own pockets. 

FYI, HotelsPro quotes roughly $186 per night for the Outrigger on Bali as in that certificate. Total trip, roughly $550 or so, and that's with 2 months advanced reservation. So TVI Express is losing $300 for every trip redeemed, even if it's from Indonesia to Indonesia, NOT counting airfare. If they are providing "free companion ticket" as they promised, they will lose EVEN MORE! 

WHAT SORT OF BUSINESS loses money for every member that joined? 

Clearly they have NO intention of fulfilling everybody's trip. 

Furthermore, is a legitimate website? If you search it on Robtex you will see that it has NO reputation, claims to be based on New York but is likely actually based on Turkey. Its parent, MetGlobal, shows a US address (New York), but again, is likely based in Turkey. Alexa's info shows that MetGlobal is definitely most popular in Turkey, .

Sorry, but it's clear that TVI Express is dealing with some secondary or tertiary hotel wholesalers to satisfy a FEW of the redemptions (note the vacation is only 3 nights) and even that is only in Indonesia. It does NOT prove they are legitimate. It only proves that they can deal with some probably legitimate suppliers. 

(Just for comparison, HotelsPro's rates are comparable to Travelocity's rates for the same hotel)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 3 of ???

TVI Express Picture Pirate again... Take a look at the bottom right of their HOME page...

Looks familiar? That's because it's cut from here:

Dissecting the "Expert Watch" of TVI Express -- no relevancy at all

TVI Express have a webpage called "Expert Watch", where they cite various "experts" praising Network Marketing. Among the people named are Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet, and so on. 

Did you wonder where they came from? Did they really talk about Network Marketing? Or are they talking about a particular firm? And was the quote accurate or misquoted? 

And the biggest question... Is TVI Express really network marketing? Let us examine the page. I've highlighted the 9 quotes on the page, and see if they are in any way accurate. (See the screenshot on the right... It's a large file. 

First thing you need to note is NONE of these quotes were properly cited. It is as if TVI Express themselves don't know where these quotes came from. 

Well, let's find out. 

Q1) Did Success magazine actually publish the words "Network Marketers are creating FORTUNES at breakneck speeds!” ?

Search of their website at shows NO SUCH QUOTE archived on their website. 

Please note that this does not mean they did not say it. It's just that it's not archived on their site. 

VERDICT: Undetermined. 

Q2) Did Robert Kiyosaki wrote in Rich Dad Poor Dad "Network Marketing is The Perfect Business for the average person to create wealth." ?

No. Network Marketing was not mentioned in the book at all. That quote is actually with the one below. 

He did have a video that's archived on Youtube posted by NeefDavidson that explains the mindset to convert from E to B/S and why he recommends network marketing. He cited low cost, and how the company gives you time to learn business skills at your own pace. He did not recommend any company. 

VERDICT:  Sort of

Q3) Did Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump said or wrote "Network Marketing: the industry for people who want to change their lives” ?

The quote is actually out of an article from "Success at Home" magazine called "Why We Recommend Network Marketing"

However, what they don't tell you is "Success at Home" is a "custom" magazine published to various Network Marketing companies. Every month, they highlight one company, print 200000 copies, and mainly sell it to various members. 

That particular issue was published in April 2007. And it's a rewrite of this article:

VERDICT: Yes, but not the way you think. 

Q4) Was Warren Buffett referring to a MLM when he said "the Best Investment I ever made…"?

Yes, but it's not the way you think. The full quote was actually:
In fact, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway holding company now owns three direct sales companies. And Buffett said, "Dollar for dollar, it's the best investment I've ever made". 
The quote is from a book called "Why you're dumb, sick, & broke-- and how to get smart, healthy, & rich!" by Randy Gage. You can read that page here courtesy of Google Books.  It was published in 2006. 

Wait, what did TVI Express write? "Warren owns 51 Businesses today, 3 of which are Network Marketing Companies."  We know that "3 businesses" thing wasn't true in 2009, 2010, or 2011. So THAT is where they copied it from, 2005 or 2006!  

In fact, TVI Express copied more than that, I'll show you later. 

Verdict: Yes, but it was OLD information

Q5) Did Bill Clinton praise the MLM Industry with the quote, "“Your industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives and, to me that is the heart of the American dream" ? 

Here's the FULL video...

He was talking to Direct Selling Association, or, the organization that enforces ethics on MLM / Direct Selling companies, of which TVI Express is NOT a part of. 

Verdict: Yes, but he was NOT referring to TVI Express in any way, shape, or form. 

Q6) Did Robert Kiyosaki wrote or said "If you really want to learn how to be rich, you must begin to know and understand the power found in networks. The Richest People in the world Build Networks."?

It can be roughly paraphrased from the stuff above. See Q3. 

Please keep in mind that Kiyosaki's advice are pithy, not real practical advice. It's motivational. 

Verdict: Probably

Q7) Did Donald Trump say "If I lost everything and had to start again, I would find myself a great network marketing company and get to work!"?

Apparently he did say so on the "David Letterman Show". However, you have to keep in mind that David Letterman Show is a "late show" where nothing is treated seriously. It, like the Jay Leno show, usually makes fun of the guest stars. So is it serious advice? Probably not. 

Verdict: Yes, but in a joking manner

Q8) Did Fortune Magazine wrote "The Best kept secret in the Business world... Network Marketing!"? 

That also came out of the aforementioned book. The exact quote was
Fortune Magazine called the industry "the best kept secret in the business world". 
VERDICT: Yes, but it's OLD information, and the source is uncited, making TVI Express a plagiarist

Q9) Did Paul Zane Pilzer wrote "From 2006 to 2016, there will be 10 Million new Millionaires in the U.S. alone, more than double the last decade...many will be from the Direct Selling Industry!” ? 

Guess what, that's ALSO plagiarized from the aforementioned book! 

The exact quote is
Fame economist Paul Zane Pilzer also speaks up for the industry in his latest book The Next Millionaires. He forecasts that 10 million new millionaires will be created in the United States over the next decade and predicts that many of them will be created through Network Marketing. 
The book was published 2006. So that's where they got the "2006 to 2016"... That's sort of but not quite what he wrote!   Here's the REAL link:

VERDICT: Yes, but the quote was mangled by TVI Express

So what's the verdict? Out of nine quotes:

Undetermined: 1
Sort of: 6
True but with caveat: 2, 3, 5
True but a joke: 7
True but mangled:  9
True but old information: 4, 8

As you can see, TVI Express will mangle quotes, cite old information, and such to make their point. What they cite is NOT the complete truth at all. When they do cite it, it's either old information or mangled quotes.

Furthermore, they plagiarized the book several times to make up their "expert watch", with no attribution, making them a plagiarist.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Deluded South African Claim I am Wasting Bandwidth

A certain Linda, whose IP address is traced to South Africa, left me two feedback that say nothing:
1)  your webpage i a waste of airtime and space, better use it to care for the poor
And how did Linda come to the conclusion? She gave no clue. It is solely her opinion, with NO EVIDENCE.

Is it worthy anything? Of course not.

Is it even valuable feedback? Absolutely not.

Did I publish it? Heck, yes. It's idiotic and perfectly illustrate the absent-mindedness of TVI Express "supporters".
2) what a waste of energy, trying to nail down one company , get a life!-you cannot succeed in trying to promote your companies against another.Why dont you donate your space to charity organisations.
"What a waste of energy."  So what's wrong with "nail down one company"? 

"Trying to promote your companies against another."  What company or companies did I promote? 

You see the problem here? Linda is INVENTING excuses to attack me. If you can MAKE UP evidence to support your own side, you can "win" almost any argument... to yourself. 

This basically proves that Linda is

* absent-minded
* insulting, albeit politely

* did not study the evidence or the issues

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

TVI Express Picture Pirate Part 2 of ???

Here's another TVI Express Picture Stealing... This time, off a German art site!

TVI Express version (look at the girl)

And the original German version... stolen off clipart website WITHOUT attribution!

More Hilarious TVI Express Member Sites that Stretches Truth to Breaking Point

Found a German Page that claims that TVI Express was actually a part of WCTravel!

A couple choice excerpts
These [partners] include: Avis, Lufthansa, Hertz, Marriott and many more 
Then explain why Mallorca Zeitung said TVI Express was SUED by AVIS, Lufthansa, and Marriott?
A portion of the Board was of WCT World Travel Choise ( contracted to establish and manage TVI. WCT was founded in 1995 and is a world-making enterprise.
There is NO PROOF of this. In fact, WCTravel has an affiliate program that is free to join called "Travelocity Partner Program". 

That's like an Amazon Associate claiming to be "backed by Amazon, the world's largest store"!  What utter poppycock! 
On the side of Company House can be found by entering "TVI" under the number 00988876, the TVI Limited, a registered company. 
There is NO PROOF that this "TVI Limited" is in any way related to "TVI Express". That company is based in Surrey, NOT London / Heathrow / Uxbridge / whereever TVI Express claims to be. In fact, TVI Express claims that they are NOT subject to UK law
No [TVI is not a pyramid scheme], TVI achieved even now millions. There are the product of travel in the online travel agency. 
So just because it had ALLEGEDLY sold millions (their own claim, cannot be verified in any way) they must be legitimate? What a joke. Remember Bernard Madoff? He had BILLIONS in business. He's a fraud. 

Absolutely hilarious at the sort of bull**** one can find about TVI Express. 

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