Monday, November 29, 2010

TVI Express Opens CIS office in middle of nowhere?

TVI Express claims to be opening an office in CIS on December 9, 2010, in Almaty Towers, Almaty, Kazakhstan. However, they are playing that address trick AGAIN: no room number, no floor number, points at a huge building that can't possibly only hold TVI Express.

If you search for Almaty Towers, there is indeed at the Koktem-3 Microdistrict, but it's a pair of skyscrapers. This shows the exact same pattern TVI Express did in London: they got a tiny office (or a virtual office) in Marble Arch Tower in London for a few months, moved out, and claimed "headquartered in London" ever since. Their former London address (and their current "Heathrow" address) have no floor number, no room number, just points to the front-door.

Also consider the following facts:
  • TVI Express is already under investigation in Tajikstan, member of CIS.
  • TVI Express is already under investigation in Georgia, former member of CIS, and a nearby neighbor. 
  • The administrative center of CIS is in Minsk, Berulrussia, NOT Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Therefore, the implication is they chose a remote corner of CIS to open a branch to AVOID attention, not to provide better service.

More funny TVI Express announcements

Back in October 2010, TVI Express announced that they have opened their 4-day 3-night booking portal, with 95000 hotels to choose from.   You can read the announcement here:

Some interesting tidbits are hidden in the cheery language:
"We are excited to announce that the free 4 Days & 3 Nights booking portal, the latest move in our incessant endeavor to serve you the best, has gone live."
Oh, really, you call reducing the offer from 7-day 6-night down to 4-day 3-night "incessant endeavor to serve you best"?  Or does that just prove that they are out to screw people over?
[book at] any of the 95,000 hotels in 11,000 destinations across 190 countries and out of these, most are business hotels.  
And not a name in sight. They don't DARE naming any of the hotels because like previous announcements, if they actually NAME any of them, you'll know they lied because you can call them up and they say "TVI Who?"  Instead, they just name a nebulous number that cannot be verified or disproved. It's only a bit later they decided to borrow a few names, but not tell you WHICH ONES in those chains will take TVI Express offers. Clearly, the same hotel chain in Malaysia or India would cost a lot less than the same hotel in Paris or San Francisco, yes?
business and luxury hotels from all across the world, including names like Meridian, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton etc.
Again, no exact names. You don't really expect me to book ANY of those hotels and they take TVI Express, yes? Yet that is what THEY want you to believe... But you have go to through THEIR system. Ah, but the good part comes later...

Modes Of Payment – The taxes can be paid either through LR (Liberty Reserve) or by using Booking funds.

  1. Liberty Reserve – You can pay the taxes through LR online at the Payment page while making the reservation.

  2. Booking Funds – We have added a new section by the name of Booking Manager in your backoffice which further comprises of two sub-sections – Booking Funds and Booking Vouchers. As you progress through the booking process, you reach Payment page, where you are provided with the option of paying your taxes through Booking Funds. If you wish to do that, you will have to first fund your Booking Funds eWallet.

In other words, what you earned in your regular eWallet is no good. you have to put money in your "Booking Funds eWallet" in order to use the trips, or pay via Liberty Reserve. And they don't tell you how much taxes you have to pay until you book. Given that they tried to charge $150 USD for the 7-day 6-night for "taxes and processing fees", you'd have to pay AT LEAST $80 USD (or the equivalent in Indian or Indonesian currency).

Also, taxes should be paid to be hotel directly, NOT through the booking agent. This sounds like a conveniently hidden way to levy a "surcharge" by hiding it under "taxes".

Someone should book a trip to a particular city, find out what the hotel tax in that city is, and see how much is TVI Express making.

Please note that previously, I've discussed how TVI Express financial situation is untenable. It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for it to fund all the board payouts AND the trips, AND re-entry. Its only hope to continue to operate is to deny and delay the trips and payouts as much s possible, while continue to sign up members, and hope a lot of members quit after paying in the $250 (+ fees) without redeeming anything while recruiting even more members. This is just another attempt to stave off the inevitable collapse: by halving the trip costs, and to levy a hidden surcharge as "taxes" (which is NOT funded by your eWallet, but by your REAL $$$).

It sounds good, on the surface, just as all scams do. This one is a bit more elaborate than the rest.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another African Country Investigates TVI Express

Swaziland (in Africa) is investigating TVI Express, making it the second country in Africa (after Namibia) to warn citizens against TVI Express. Note the bull**** sprouted by distributors... "global license", yeah right. It sound exactly the same as the bull**** from the Chinese distributors in the "classic" TVI Express drivel.

Central Bank to investigate

– The Central Bank of Swaziland says it will investigate the TVI Express because it actually operates like the defunct Diamond Africa.

Martin Dlamini, the Governor said, he had not heard of TVI and would definitely instruct his team to launch an investigation.
The difficulty to get hold of TVI Express is that it does not have a permanent office.
Their members are everywhere across the country. A majority of them are in South Africa.
Dlamini wanted to send his team to its office tomorrow because pyramid schemes were different. He said others posed as sellers of products when, as a matter of fact, they were pure pyramid schemes.
"The Diamond Africa was doing the same thing, purporting to be selling diamonds and asking people to join at a fee. It looks like they are doing the same, if they do like that, it’s a criminal offence and we will facilitate their arrest very soon," said the governor of the Central Bank of Swaziland.
Meanwhile, Sifiso Mahlalela, the senior agent, had assured the prospective members that the Central Bank of Swaziland would definitely permit them to operate because TVI has a global licence.
The governor said there was nothing like a global licence, all international companies operating in the country have local licences for doing business in Swaziland.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another day, another dead "TVI Express" distributor website deleted all its contents. None of the links work any more... all say "not found".

Thursday, November 25, 2010

More TVI Express Problems in Europe

Facebook complaints of TVI Express shows that TVI Express have apparently abandoned Europe due to mounting legal pressure in multiple countries (Hungary, Kazahkstan, Georgia, Spain, Germany...) and is concentrating on Africa and Southeast Asia which apparently had not gotten the message.

See this message:
Dear Citizens of India! Can anyone provide information as to the operation of tviexpress india? Here in Europe is close to 1 year of not working. We can not access the money. Access has been eliminated. Abolished the company's travel portal. Not be able to travel. Anywhere. Several tens of thousands of country people can not do anything in Europe. The head of TVI Express stopped the European portal . What kind of news have you? We are currently connected to the Indian center, but they do not want to deal with us. Anyone. Neither Germans nor Netherlands nor Hungarians, Romanians do not, no French ... Anyone. Its a big-big problem.

TVI Express downgraded their web server... again

According to DNS lookup, TVI Express moved their server to... Kiev, Ukraine. Yet its members are claiming a server "upgrade" (thanks to BehindMLM for the tip)

See for yourself:


Record Type TTL Priority Content
* A 5 minutes (US) A 5 minutes () A 5 minutes (Kiev, 13, UA) MX 5 minutes 5 NS 1 day NS 1 day NS 1 day SOA 5 minutes 2011030101 600 600 600 600 TXT 5 minutes
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ~all CNAME 5 minutes    

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After 2 years of existence, TVI Express finally gets... ethics?

One of the things pointed out by this critic of TVI Express (and others) is the complete lack of an ethical code or a contract for TVI Express and its "distributors", thus virtually confirming that it is a scam.

Guess what, TVI Express just published their "code of ethics", but NOT on their own website for all to view, but again, spread through some of their "uplines". So apparently this is meant for members, NOT to prospective members.

Here's a copy on Scribd, uploaded 22-NOV-2010. That's right, TVI Express finally decided to get ETHICAL after almost 2 YEARS of existence.   named ETHICAL MARKETING, of all things. It is also available on TVI Express website under downloads.

Yeah, right (sarcasm) So what's in it?

1) Prohibited Practices: thou shall not lie

Well, it wasn't the distributors and their downlines that are deceptive, it's the COMPANY ITSELF!

2) Explantions and Demosntrations: thou shall follow company guidelines and existing material

Again, the company material itself is misleading.  And what of people who violate the material? Like Ms. Goernawan who said TVI Express is NOT multi-level? When the leader themselves are violating the stuff, then what?

3) Verbal promises: thou shall not promise more than what TVI Express already did

Very helpful, this guideline...

4) Thou shall not give misleading answers

Isn't that already covered in 2 and 3?

5) Thou shall ID yourself properly in any literature

Duh! What about website? Huh?

6) Thou shall not use any misleading testimonials

Since such testimonials can't be verified... These rules are useless.

7) Thou shall tell all about Limitations and Disclaimers

Where are they?

8) Thou shall follow Policies and Procedures

Again, where are they?

9) Thou shall not talk badly of of other companies or falsely use another company's good name

Good, we can fire just about EVERYBODY in the company who ever mentioned Travelocity in association with TVI Express now. That's just about everybody, PERIOD.

10) Thou shall respect privacy of others


11) Thou shall be fair and not take advantage of others

As long as it's the company that's doing the "taking advantage", you're off the hook!

No number: TVI Express is NOT a get rich scheme

Yet it promises $10000 a week right on their front page. Who are they kidding?

Next page promises "code of conduct" is on TVI Express website, but gave NO URL. And what's the punishment for violations? "Show cause action, suspension, or termination of status as independent distributor".

And there is STILL no "code of conduct" on, unless they think the document above is the document.

Who's kidding who?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Indonesians under the TVI Express spell

In the past few days no less than THREE "news", usually submitted by "citizen reporters" (i.e. amateurs) masquerading as real news, touting TVI Express in Indonesia, two from Tribun Timur, and one from UPEKS online. All three say the same things: some TVI Express promotors were in town, they are a "new" multi-level company, and they will bring prosperity. Some even promised to donate money to charities.

Logic, folks, logic! How does a scam that sell nothing improve anybody's economy, except the scammer's own pocket? Even if you actually BELIEVE that they sell travel club membership, do people in Indonesia look like they need travel club membership? Huh?

Botswana slams TVI Express again

Mmegi Online / Consumer Watchdog slams TVI Express... again.
Even the scammers from the ridiculous TVI Express pyramid scheme are back at it again.  When we've written about this pointless rip-off before we've even had criticism from people in the pyramid in Botswana, including a local preacher, saying we are defaming an honest scheme that helps people better themselves.  But these have been no more than liars desperate to prop up their wing of the pyramid.  (Q. Do pyramids have wings?  A. Only when they're flying from the authorities.)  TVI Express has been declared a scam in Australia and was recently shut down in the US state of Georgia.  What's left of them elsewhere in the world is under investigation by pretty much every regulator.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is the last "bastion" of TVI Express in the US down and gone?

IncreaseMyMonthlyIncome was Kaspi and Jackson's TVI Express website in the US. In September and October 2010 they started publishing increasing hallucinatory messages, claiming TVI Express convention in Florida in 2011, new TVI Express website in Mid-October 2010, and so on.

Their last update was over a month ago, on October 14th, 2010. There has been no further updates.

Interestingly, their final article was plagiarized verbatim from here:

Is that the end of TVI Express madness in the US? Stay tuned.

Of course, TVI Express is still hot and heavy in Southeast Asia, Africa, and elsewhere...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Late Critique: TVIExpressDollar author Rudy Phan used logical fallacies

Instead of using words, I'll use hits own webpage and illustrate his mistakes...

This will be a VERY long webpage because that's how Rudy had presented it. It is a 2 MB JPEG file, screenshot of his VERY long badly formatted page with my comments.

Using bad logic to prove a scam is not a scam only serves to PROVE a scam is a scam, and how desperate liars are trying to keep the scam going.

(Argh! It's shrinking the upload. I'll have to find another way to make the file available... Stay Tuned. )

Okay, try this again...  (2MB JPEG)

More Hilarious TVI Express Spam

It's a very funny TVI Express spam, combined with Gucci and Christian Lubatin shoes, AND sent through a rewriter. This will be a classic...
A tip harvesting machine transport as good as liberality association with the home bottom in London was founded in aboriginal 2009. Which organisation is TVI Express, TVI stands for Transport Venture International. It it began in India which afterwards non-stop in China. After carrying good success they launched common about Jul of 2009. The Association has already Gucci developed to some-more or reduction 190, 000 member common. TVI Express claims which their commercial operation has the good care as good as is the good commercial operation code. Though the association has elementary goal, it is good advised accurate the single - “To enthuse humans to assistance others creation the complete shift in their lives. “

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interesting Tidbit about

TVI Express website is at but the history of the domain itself is a bit nebulous. Well, wonder no more. That's actually public information, just a bit harder to get to.

Did you know that domain was actually registered in 2008, a full YEAR before TVI Express supposedly "pre-launched" in 2009?

Here are the hosting history of Domain History For
Old Hoster New Hoster Month / Year Zone Date Transaction
BLOCKDOS.COM BLOCKDOS.NET March 2010 2010-04-01 Transfer
THEPLANET.COM BLOCKDOS.COM November 2009 2009-12-01 Transfer
MEDIATEMPLE.NET THEPLANET.COM June 2009 2009-07-01 Transfer
WORLDNIC.COM MEDIATEMPLE.NET January 2009 2009-02-01 Transfer
WORLDNIC.COM April 2008 2008-05-01 New is a part of Network Solutions, the biggest network / hosting folks in the world is a very big (top 30) hosters in the North America based in Los Angeles claims to be largest dedicated server provider in the world.

From there on it's a bit nebulous. BLOCKDOS.COM and BLOCKDOS.NET are the same company... a company dedicated to counter denial-of-service attacks on hosting companies. They don't actually host websites, but they maintain a resistant network of DNS servers that will block DOS attacks.

Who actually hosts the website? Good question. IP address traces to imajhost, a company in Turkey, but the server seems to be in LA area.

So in other words, TVI Express had traded steadily DOWNWARD... from the biggest hoster in the world DOWN to smaller and smaller providers.

Yet in 2009 Tarun Trikha was quoted in member "conference calls" that they are trying to IMPROVE their website reliability by trading UP to better providers. Who's lying?

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Some CLASSIC warning about TVI Express

People have been warning other people about TVI Express since LAST YEAR!

Too bad people aren't heeding the warnings...

Remember, you can be prosecuted in YOUR country for TVI Express fraud, since its owners are not in the country to be prosecuted! 

TVI Express spam on... SourceForge?!?!?!

SourceForge is where people who want to setup an open source project (like Linux) gather.

What the heck is "TVI Express" doing on here? It's not a software project!

TVI Express resorts to making up endorsements

On TVI Express managed to tack on an endorsement at the end...

"Industry experts rank TVI Express as one of the best new MLM companies for 2009."

Which experts? If you visit the URL, you will not find a SINGLE REVIEW on the site at all. Spam!

However, just for fun, let's evaluate TVI Express based on the 10 characteristics given. How does it rate?

1) Basic detective work

Initial search shows real address and phone number. However, slightly deeper search shows TVI Express "headquarters" in UK is NOT in London, but instead is a virtual office.

2) Do they take credit card?

Not exactly. They take credit card through payment processors such as Liberty Reserve, which means it cannot be disputed.

3) Do they get good traffic according to (or similar rankings?)

Yes, they do. However, traffic itself doesn't guarantee legitimacy. Pass with reservation

4) Cost more than X to join?

One-time payment of $250 + fees... For a trip that can't be redeemed, a backoffice that's available elsewhere for free, and a chance to earn $10000?

5) Search BBB for evals?

BBB only exist in the US, man. FAIL

6) Try their products

Wait, TVI Express doesn't HAVE any products... At least none their website would admit to! Members claim either the trip is the product (but you don't sell that), or the backoffice is the product (again, you don't sell that), so what is the product?

7) Read the contract

Contract? What contract? There ain't no TVI Express contract!

8) Study the pay plan

Payment is clear: recruit a lot of people and be rewarded for it. In other words: pyramid scheme!

9) Does company provide support?

Heck, no! Complaints about customer support of TVI Express has been ongoing since the company started, and was NEVER resolved! E-mail goes unanswered. Phone queues are lengthy. Payment are into eWallet, never with real money. Trips are impossible to redeem even now. FAIL!

10) Can you market the stuff?

What stuff? There is no product or service to sell. TVI Express distributors have changed tactics and claim they are selling "travel club membership", but what sort of club is it that offers something available elsewhere for FREE, and offers $$$ for recruiting more recruiters? It's a PYRAMID SCHEME!

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More Hilarious TVI Express spam: on a Car Rental Website

What is your reaction when you visit a "car rental info" website, and get "TVI Express: Are you an entrepreneur" spam instead?

Is that how TVI Express was able to keep its Alexa ratings at 10000? By employing a bunch of spammers? 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Some moron tries to hack into this blog

NOTICE to the morons who tries to hack this blog

This blog is daily backed up to my own hard drive, and its password is NOT a word that you can guess. In fact, it is NOT a word at all.

How do I know some morons are hacking this blog? I got two requests in as many days to "verify" my Google credentials. That tells me some morons are trying to access my account and my blog.

The ONLY thing of value on this blog is my criticism of TVI Express. It's the only thing worth taking offline

Considering that Ted Nyuten's website was taken down by a persistent cyberattack (DDoS) after publishing a big expose of TVI Express, I would not be surprised at all if it's TVI Express folks behind the attack.
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Some classic complaints about TVI Express from over a year ago

Even people in India were not immune to the TVI Express scam, and Tarun Trikha was named as top guy over a year ago, even when he only claims he's just another distributor (albeit a advisory board member).

Now that TVI Express is illegal in multiple countries, and Tarun Trikha had quietly disappeared from advisory board, it's time to review some of the classic complaints about TVI Express...

Dear Great Leaders of Tvi
I am writing this letter with a hope that Mr. Tarun Trikha of TVI would answer to my queries. I am compelled to rite this for TVI Company took forever to reply my query being communicated to the support group. Now it is doubtful whether there is a Travel Venture International or not? Who really they are? Whom should we contact in case of problems? The leaders in Manipur are another dump who all fantasized in the Dollar game, the dollar of TVI or dollars manufactured by Tarun.

(there's a lot more after this, but you can read it at the URL included

Read this revealing Expose about how TVI Express uplines are cheating their downlines

Learn how TVI Express uplines are committing even MORE fraud by cheating their downlines out of their eWallet money!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Positive Proof "Increase My Monthly Income" release bullshit as "news"

Back in October 06 2010 "Increase My Monthly Income" released a whole bunch of announcements, most of which are absolutely uncorroborated bull****. It was highlighted earlier in "More Hilarity Visual Edition" You may notice that there was something "new TVI Express North America Website" next week.

It's now a MONTH later... What new website?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Why Would Bank of Namibia Declare TVI Express a scam?

The reasoning of declaration by "Bank of Namibia" is based on the Namibian "banking institution act" of 1998, in that only a "bank" can accept deposits, and otherwise store money for people, and TVI Express, obviously is NOT a bank, so the eWallet is illegal banking. From a news report: "The law prohibits the taking of money from public by holding out prospect to new participants that they will be rewarded and that they can also obtain the right to further recruit and receive benefits in whatever form."

You can read the law itself here: Institutions Act, 1998.pdf

So what *does* the law say?

Purpose: To  consolidate  and  amend  the  laws  relating  to  banking  institutions;  to  provide  for  the
authorisation  of  a  person  to  conduct  business  as  a  banking  institution,  and  for  the control, supervision  and  regulation of banking  institutions;  to protect  the  interests of persons making  deposits with  banking  institutions;  to  provide  for  the winding-up  or judicial management of banking  institutions and  for  the cancellation of authorisations; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

Prohibition on conducting of banking business by unauthorised persons
5.    (1) No person shall –

(a)  Conduct banking business;
(b)  receive, accept or take a deposit;
(c)  by any means, including advertising or soliciting, procure or attempt to procure a deposit;
(d)  pretend to be a banking institution; or
(e)  subject  to subsection  (2), use  the expression  “bank” or  “banking  institution”, or any other expression, name, title or symbol indicating or calculated to create the impression  that the person is conducting, or is authorised to conduct, business as a banking institution,

So the main question here is... can TVI Express eWallet be considered some sort of a "deposit" and "withdrawal" instrument, and thus, bank function? 

I actually raised this question several months ago... TVI Express is clearly NOT a banking institution, so how is an eWallet legal at all? All "department store" and "gas station" cards are actually issued in partnership with a bank, at least in the US.  The idea that a company can just HOLD some people's money to be paid out "on demand" is just... outrageous.

On the other hand, the Namibian local position in interesting... Apparently they are taking the position that the N$2500 payment is for membership, not a "deposit".

Problem with that argument is the $500 / $10000 payout is earned through recruiting, and put into eWallet. If eWallet is considered a "banking practice", then TVI Express is indeed conducting "banking business" without authorization, and therefore illegal. However, if there is no 'deposit' from the public, just from the company, can it still be considered "banking practice"?

What's even more interesting... New Era / AllAfrica reports that Bank of Namibia had previously called for comments from TVI Express members in Namibia on October 27th, but nobody showed up. So Bank of Namibia went ahead and declared TVI Express a scam.

"The first meeting was scheduled for October 27 but no TVI Express representatives pitched up."

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More TVI Express astro-turfing: "exclusive" review is copy of outdated 2009 review, allegedly a travel website, has just posted an 'exclusive review' of TVI Express.

However, if you examine the article, you will find that it is PLAGIARIZED off an articleblast article by Phillip Teeter

The wordings are identical, and this latter article is dated NOVEMBER 2009, almost a YEAR ago.

And note the conclusion: "If i had to guess if this company were in the US they would be having problems with the FTC wanting to shut them down. If your looking to make quick money or use just the travel benefits this may be the opportunity for you."

In other words, it's a scam. Stay away.

More Hilarious TVI Express spam: on a wildfire prevention website

See for yourself:

Apparently the site was turned into a "general interest" site, and posts all sorts of spams available.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Namibian TVI Express Reps attempts counter-attack

Apparently TVI Express reps in Namibia attempt to further their denial by retaining services of an attorney, who clearly did not inspect the worthiness of his client's "cause".  From the article:

"Metcalfe says TVI Express does not operate a pyramid scheme and it does not take funds from the public.
Then what is the joining fee of N$2500, as named earlier in the same article? 
“The business involves the marketing and bartering of travel facilities, services, vacations and air travel. This is the essence of this company, which is limited to 95 000 hotels in 11 000 destinations across 190 countries. It concentrates specifically on the marketing of tourist destinations,”says Metcalfe.

Did no one tell this attorney that the services is provided FOR FREE by Travelocity? So people paid N$2500 for a FREE service? And why does a "marketing and bartering of travel" organization promise "Opportunity to Make $10000 per week" right on their own homepage?

This is same sort of the defense being attempted in Australia, and everywhere else. The travel club defense is flawed from the very beginning and bogus.